Intuitive Life Coach | 4 Things You Must Know First

The Basics of Intuitive Life Coaching

What is an Intuitive Life Coach?

The major difference between a traditional life coach, spiritual life coach, and an intuitive life coach is the former tends to focus on the secular aspects of life only, the center delves into the spiritual side, ignoring the secular, and the latter uses a more holistic approach involving the spiritual aspects as well the secular.

In this way, they use and assist their clients to recognize, grow and use their own intuition. This is often very helpful in moving past blockages in their life that may have been holding them back.

What is Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive Counseling differs from Coaching in a few important areas. Intuitive counseling is most likely performed by a medically or state-licensed practitioner using a disorder model. This typically means that the client must be medically diagnosed for the practitioner to charge insurance and get paid. The treatment plan is then pre-prescribed by the manual and must be followed in order to maintain compliance with medical advice and protocol.

Coaching is much less restrictive due to the lack of confines by licensed workers. This is both exciting for great practitioners who can practice at the highest level without being bound to constraints of oversight, but the less scrupled coaches are just as excited about the lack of oversight, so beware. That is why credible certification is so important.

What Can I Expect from Working with an Intuitive Coach?

The number two main things you can expect when working with an intuitive guide or coach are profound change and discomfort.

Why discomfort? Because change is uncomfortable, and in order to change you will be guided and assisted to confront areas, actions, behaviors, and beliefs in your life that have been holding you back.

Why the profound change? Because as you are given a deeper understanding of how the universe works, you will be able to open doors you never knew existed before. If you have ever felt stuck in a rut, or feel stuck in one now, you know how hard it is to try and pull yourself out of it. The key, however, is to realize it may not actually be a rut at all and you are probably only stuck due to your frame of mind.

When you have unlocked the power of intuition, you begin to see the universe is made up of energy, all the energy in the universe runs on vibrations. Once you understand this you can start to understand why it has been said you get back what you send out. Not Karma exactly, but as that idea or notion, it is known as the law of attraction.

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What is the Law of Attraction?

An easy to understand the way of understanding the law of attraction is to think of it as a principle that states we attract experiences that are a vibrational match to the vibration we express at any given time. That is to say, a person’s vibration can be easily determined by the way their emotional state based on the corresponding thoughts they are thinking. When you have negative emotions such as sadness, hatred, guilt, jealousy, or shame you will typically give out a negative vibration. Similarly, you know you possess a positive vibration when you feel joyous, loving, or peaceful. For more on midset and attraction read MLM Coach.

Why do People Hire Intuitive Practitioners?

Because it is often difficult to see the forest through the trees. They can point out to us what we cannot easily see for ourselves. Like the adage two heads are better than one, intuitive guides are helpful because they are uniquely able to say things that our family and friends could not get away with. Without hurting our feelings.

They can offer mental, and spiritual healing that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.

What You Need to Know

Before hiring any life coaches, it is important to know what they do and do not do.

Intuitive life coaches do not:

  • Tell you how to live or spend your life
  • Aggressively force you into action
  • Make any future life predictions
  • Force you to read/diet/exercise
  • Prescribe any medication
  • Provide actual psychotherapy

Life coaches of all types are excellent motivators that can assist you to find what you are looking for in life by asking key questions that prompt you to delve into your own mind and heart for answers. They should never tell you what to do or give you commands. They can provide guidance, but not attempt to take control of your life because you benefit only when you learn and practice autonomy.

The Benefits of Intuitive Coaching

The list of benefits could stretch a mile long, but the only answer that matters is that they can probably help you with the stumbling block that is keeping you from achieving all you could if you were operating in prime function.

Are you struggling with self-sabotage issues, a fixed mindset, or plagued by negative self-talk? You need someone who can teach you to recognize these mental hurdles and to quickly get over them so you can get back to your path too success.

Another great thing about a great coach is that it does not take away for the success you accomplish because nothing is being done for you, rather you are being helped to become your own best self.

How Can I Benefit From Working with an Intuitive Life Coach?

Here are a few ways you could live a better life with help from an intuitive life coach:

  • Recognizing your own unique value
  • Honing your skills
  • Giving you permission to enjoy life
  • Reshaping your thoughts and beliefs about life, money, and relationships
  • Finding the courage to start a new business
  • Discovering new passions
  • Losing or gaining weight/getting in shape
  • Improving your overall wellbeing

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intuitive life coaching gives direction

Signs You Need Life Coaching

Here again, a list could stretch beyond interest to read it. If you are reading this article, there is a nagging question inside you, I’m not going to guess what the question is or what answer you are searching for, but take it as a sign that you could probably benefit from the services of an insightful coach.

What Areas of my Life Can my Coach Help me with?

The simplest answer is wherever you need help. If that is professionally, personally, spiritually, relationally, or internally.

Ask and ye shall receive. Any area that you are wanting to make better, are willing to talk about and have the motivation to make changes in are prime spots of healing and help you can receive.

Are Intuitive Life Coach’s Psychic?

No, but it may sometimes seem that way because they may seem to know what is coming before it happens. That is not psychic powers it just fundamental laws of nature, psychology, the principle of the law of attraction, or as it is sometimes referred to… intuition.

How to Select an Intuitive Life Coach

In order to select one, you need multiple choices. Guess what, you are in luck, there are hundreds to choose from. This though can make choosing one seem overwhelming. So, to make it easier to complete the following list:

  1. Make a list of the areas you want to make better:
    1. Life
    2. Relationships
    3. Business
    4. Passions
    5. Goals
  2. Make a list of what you want in a coach, if important:
    1. Education
    2. Age
    3. Gender
    4. Religious Beliefs
    5. Price
    6. Location
    7. Expectations
    8. Referrals
  3. Decide how you will measure success
    1. Money
    2. Time
    3. Relationships
    4. Friends
    5. Businesses

This way choosing will become easier because whoever can fill up the most boxes, will more closely fit your desires in a coach.

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How to Connect with a Trained Intuitive Life Coach

The easiest way to connect currently is to do it online. Not only does this open your market for finding the best coach for you personally, but it frees up the standard time constraints associated with traveling to an office for a face to face visit. With new technology such as video conferencing, cell phones, and screen sharing for computers, there is no excuse not to use multimedia for coaching sessions.

How Much Does a Professional Intuitive Life Coach Cost?

Coaching fees can range based on availability, experience, and what the current market will bear. But as a rule of thumb, a typical coach will probably charge between $15-$450 per hour. Many intuitive life coaches utilize a sliding scale for clients who were unable to pay their typical hourly rate upfront or be willing to accept trade or payments.

How Can I Find a Highly Skilled Intuitive Life Coach?

There are directories you can check for qualified coaches in your area. Word of mouth is often a great way to find great guides. Or research on the internet.

A great place to look if you are not sure where to start and do not have someone recommending one to you would be to check out reputable Coaching Certification Academy for graduates. They should have a list of the best and brightest who have achieved certification with them.

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Coach Federation

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How to Become an Intuitive Life Coach

The best way to become an intuitive life coach is to earn certification through a prestigious Academy that will thoroughly educate you in all aspects of life coaching with a specialization in the specific area of interest you have. Check out the Austerity Health Academy for certification information as well as to join the AH community. Join the AH community to see and feel the difference a really good coaching resource makes.

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