Transition Coaching Can Help You in 6 Shocking Ways

Why a Transition Coach?

A trained professional how practices transition coaching is a partner that walks with you and helps you see the change you are experiencing from a different perspective. He or she will help guide their client in assisting them through the process of change in real-time. Unlike a traditional life coach that helps clients create a new future by looking both far and near into it, a transitional coach assists in the here and now.

What does a Transitional Life Coach Do?

Simply put, they change the story by switching the focus of the script. Too often major life changes are not brought on by choice. This gives the client a feeling of hopelessness. But by seeing the change differently, the client can redefine the change into a transition into something better. The perspective or way one sees a situation defines not only it but how we see ourselves in it.

Taking possession or control of the transition and its outcome is empowering. Seeing one’s self as having control even if only a small amount takes away much of the fear associated with change.

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What can Transitional Coaches Help With?

Removing the fear of change. By allowing through guidance, the client to see their role in the new transition and outcome it removes much of the fear of the unknown. Change is inevitable, it’s the only thing that doesn’t change. But change does not have to be scary or something that causes stress. Transition coaching offers the opportunity to learn how to manage tough situations with grace.

It might help to think of the one practicing transition coaching as a caddy when you are in the middle of the game of life and experiencing a change, as though you are on a new course, it is helpful to have someone who can assist you with a club selection and the direction to hit the ball as well as potential hazards to watch out for. They don’t play for you but make you so much better in your game.

This applies whether you are needing help with a personal, professional, family, loss, location, or medical transition.

Do Transitions Coaches offer Transition Training or Workshops?

Some do, some don’t. Depending on what you need most may be willing to add any service you need. If you have a business that is going through a transition and could use a little extra support and guidance for your team a practitioner of transition coaching may be the answer you are looking for.

Keep in mind the costs and fees associated will vary depending on the number of persons going through transition or change. If you have many people needing help, consider a team of coaches because there will surely be personality conflicts that can be avoided or overcome by having several coaches to choose from.

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How much do Transition Coaches Cost?

A certified coach who practices transition coaching will charge as little as $25 per session or as much as $450 per session for individual coaching. It will depend on the coach, the market, and the expertise, knowledge, and competence of the coach. Group sessions will vary in cost as much as individual sessions, so do be sure to ask.

What is a Life Transition Coach?

A life transition coach is a specific specialization for a transition coach. They help their clients through transitions in their life that are important to them in a deeply impactful way. If you are going through life transitions in an emotional sence that are not simply related to work or employment, think about seeking out a skilled life transition coach.

Are there Transition Coaching Courses?

For those who want to begin a journey as a coach that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others as well as those already coaching but want to add an additional specialization, transition as a specialization is perfect.

There are many courses that offer training or certification as a coach but be sure it covers everything you need. If you have no experience you will need a more basic course that covers the fundamentals of life coaching before you add any specializations. Check out our list f credible training courses (here).

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How to get Certified as a Transition Coach

The process of certification differs from each certification program. Because the needs of each student are different, be sure to find a program that is flexible and not a one size fits all single item purchase, you want to find an ongoing program. The best programs offer business start-up advice, as well as marketing assistance and “coaching” to make sure you are fully prepared to become a successful coach and not just a one-time customer of a product.

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