10 Valuable Benefits of email Life Coaching

Email life coaching is not a new phenomenon, but is gaining support from not only coaches, but also their clients! Life is a long complex series of events, both happy and sad, rough and smooth. Often in life, a person gets to the point where he/she feels lost and feels the need of having someone by their side who can help guide them through their problems or help reach desired goals. This is exactly where the advantages of email and benefit of life coaching come into play.

People are different, and so are their problems, goals, and aspirations. Life coaching is a developmental service that caters to one’s individual needs and desires.

Life coaches are professionally trained people who know just how to someone to achieve his goals by coaching him.

People have been benefiting from this amazing service for decades, and it’s only getting better with time. The most advanced form of life coaching is E-Coaching, which makes use of email as a medium of coaching. It’s extremely effective and offers amazing benefits to the client.

Following are 10 benefits of life coaching via email:

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email life coaching

1. Ensures Comfort and Convenience

The dynamics of the world are getting faster day by day. In this era, life for a common man is busier than ever, and he already has a lot on his plate. Therefore, time management becomes a barrier to a number of things he wishes to do.

The same goes for traditional coaching methods, which demand a lot of time and effort in order to make one-to-one interaction possible. But no more, E-Coaching has got you covered!

E-Coaching promotes comfort and convenience since it doesn’t need the physical presence of a person (of either the coach or the client to make it possible. People can avail E-Coaching from the unbeatable comfort of their home, at whatever time that deems fit for them. This gives them a feeling of relaxation and convenience, contributing to fruitful coaching outcomes.

2) Great Value for Money

Email life coaching garners all the benefits of traditional coaching methods and more. What gives E-Coaching the superior edge is that it’s much more efficient in all aspects, including money.

Email coaching saves up all the commuting costs that a person would have to bear to attend an on-site coaching session.

Every person has a decent internet connection in this era. Therefore, you don’t need to spend any extra to get access to E-Coaching. You’re good to go.

3) Keeps Written Record of Your Progress

Email life coaching keeps track of every little detail of your sessions.

It is a written record of a client’s interaction with his coach from the moment they began the coaching until the very end of it. It shows the progression of a person’s thoughts and his efforts toward reaching his goals, which makes him realize how much he has achieved in the whole process.

It’s like a personal diary, except that it also contains insights and motivation from another person whose sole focus is to bring out the best in you.

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4) Promotes Easy Expression

Not everyone has the confidence to speak about their challenges in a one-to-one setting. Introverts, for instance, feel like it’s easier writing about their feelings and issues than talking about them. It’s just how they function and feel comfortable in.

Email coaching is a great relief for such people. It allows them to express themselves to the fullest through writing without feeling anxious or uncomfortable in any way.

5) Flow with Detail

Talking is a spontaneous process that gives little space to the thinking process. This, in turn, becomes an issue because sometimes people fail to convey their actual thoughts to the coach while speaking about it.

Conversely, when they write about their challenges, they have the time to explore them, so they make sure to incorporate every detail in their email. It gives them a sense of control.

6) Insightful Approach

The entire coaching approach that e-coaching follows is very reflective and insightful. Clients get ample time in between their scheduled email sessions, which gives them the chance to reflect on their coach’s advice and their own progress by re-reading the conversations. This automatically makes their next conversation more efficient.

7) Keeps you Hooked

Email life coaching conversations are very captivating and motivating; they keep you hooked to it. When you carefully put your words together in your email to send it to your coach, you inevitably become eager for this reply. This makes you enjoy the whole process and keeps you motivated until the end.

8) Flexibility

Email interactions are really flexible. They allow you to take your time to see if things are working for you and adjust your techniques accordingly.

If there’s something that you missed in your last email or something you want to add in it, you’re just an email away from your coach. You don’t have to wait till your next in-person meeting with the coach, as in traditional coaching.

Also, through email life coaching, your coach can share useful online resources with you according to your goals. This will help you achieve your goals faster.

9) Time-saving

Email life coaching saves a great deal of time. It doesn’t require you to spare time out of your busy routine to reach the location of your session, as in the case of on-site coaching.

Even if you opt for a coach living in a different part of the world, you can adjust the time-zone issues accordingly by mutual agreement with your coach.

10) Strengthens Your Motives

The online presence of a coach serves as a reminder that you have a purpose of fulfilling, and that someone (your coach) is putting in a lot of effort for you and the fulfillment of your goals. It makes you accountable for your actions. Every time you check your phone, it would inevitably direct you to your email and push you to follow the advice and directions of your email life coach.

Your email conversations remind you that you’re on a mission to make your life successful and that you can’t let your coach’s efforts go in vain.

Final word:

Email life coaching is an advanced way of life coaching that offers numerous benefits to the client as well as the coach, all of which contribute to an effective coaching experience. Feel free to email us or check out our Facebook Group.