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the three universal principles

There are three universal principles that explain the human process of thinking. They are Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. First, Mind is the fact that we are alive: it is the energy of life. Next, Thought is our ability to create ideas and forms from that energy. And third, Consciousness is our ability to experience what we believe is real (perceived reality). We are all thinkers; we are born thinking and we think our way through life. The quality of our thoughts directly determines the quality of our lives, because it’s how we see all things moment-to-moment.

Becoming aware of these principles is an extremely freeing process. It breaks the attachment to the idea that we are stuck with any particular way of thinking. Put another way, we are not simply victims of circumstance or of our past. But instead, we are very much in control of our own lives. Life happens around us, but it is our thinking about what happens, that defines our experiences. Our experiences are most often the result of our beliefs and state of mind.

An understanding of these principles allows us to see that our state of mind, or our ‘feelings’, as an indicator of the quality of our thinking at any given moment. This changes the belief that our ‘feelings’ are our felt response to actual reality. A stressed or negative state of mind produces a negative mood, which can lead to increased levels of tension, insecurity, and/or emotional discomfort. This discomfort is an indicator that we need to calm and quiet our current thinking.

As we learn to identify and trust our mental state of mind, we can catch ourselves earlier and earlier in the process of negative thinking. This can reduce instances of chronically stressful states of mind, anxiety, depression, or worse. In recognizing the signal to quiet down, we can let negative thoughts pass. As our minds slow down, our ‘feelings’ change what we perceive as our reality changes. We then naturally regain our ability to address life’s circumstances and challenges from a more hopeful and optimistic perspective.

Once we recognize that innate health and wellbeing is constant and always accessible, we can navigate the ups and downs of our thinking. Without frightening ourselves with deeply negative thinking or deceiving ourselves with overly positive thinking, we become able to be grateful in moments of exhilaration and graceful in moments of distress. We learn to experience the rich landscape of all our thinking as the gift of life.

learn to change the way you think, and transform the way you feel.

At Austerity Health Academy, we believe that "feelings" are simply an indicator of the quality of your thoughts. When you learn to change the way you think about things, you can quickly and easily transform your feelings.

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