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About Us- Why We Started the Austerity Health

Find out about us. Aaron Jarrels the leading online Mindset Coach created Austerity Health as a Coaching and Counseling education hub. He has been counseling, advising, coaching, and teaching others for a couple of decades. After working as a licensed therapist and certified life coach for a non-profit counseling center for a few years and becoming frustrated with the online coaching education and certification available to the employees and volunteers, he had an “ah-ha” moment and began developing Austerity Health. It was to become what he was unable to find. A place to get genuinely educated in the coaching field-not just certified.

​Since then, Austerity Health and the Austerity Health Academy have become the premier online life coaching education resources. We are now the authority in coaching education and certification and offer beginner courses as well as coaching continuing education. In fact, we offer the most in-depth initial certification and education courses for nearly every niche in the life coaching industry.

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We knew that no one coaching certification could possibly cover the many different facets that were needed in the industry. So, we have worked with teams of professionals to individually craft and develop unique courses. Different ones for the different specializations in the coaching fields. ​

​All Austerity Health Academy students will master the use of the newest version of our powerful, proven coaching system. Which includes an expanded curriculum, extended ongoing support, and more coaching tools than ever before. Then choose the specific coaching target you want to specialize in. Then, learn some of the best-kept secrets of the professionals. Next, you will be completely prepared to provide the finest coaching experience after you graduate. You will exceed the expectations of every client, you serve in your coaching career. ​

Decide to change your life and enroll in one of our online coaching certification courses. You will get the education you need in the fundamentals as well as specifics for your target field of coaching. Then as a bonus, will also learn our proven and effective step-by-step techniques. Including how to organize, launch and grow your own successful, revenue-generating, coaching business.

A Coaching Credential Accepted Around the World.

After graduating you will receive a Certified Professional Coaching credential. You will feel secure and confident in your ability to perform at the top of your field.

We continuously strive to stay the leader in life coaching education and update or replace our educational course programs. If you want to learn anything about becoming a coach, finding a qualified coach, how much coaches can potentially earn, or what coaches do: Please search and read our extensive library of coaching articles.

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