5 Impressive Reasons You Need Holistic Health Coach

Although holistic health care procedures have not been around for so long, their essence and ideology date back to centuries. The Holistic Health Coach may have multiple ways of healing, but the basic philosophy in all of them is the same. The Socrates Quote in the in the coming in a sec depicts the crux of the holistic healing approach.

Yes, you can find the origins in that distant history. Perhaps, the first holistic healers were ancient greeks.

‘The part can never be well unless the whole is well.’ – Socrates 4th Century

Who is a Holistic Health Coach?

There are many misconceptions found in the public. Before proceeding it is better to know the exact definition.

A Holistic Health Coach is a well-trained professional who uses an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes in patients. To improve the client’s health, holistic health coaches study their lives from many angles. For example, nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, and many more.

They look at the whole picture to provide useful tips about time and stress management. A Holistic Health Coach intrigues the behavioral changes, by focusing on a person’s strength. Therefore, patients maintain a healthy mindset and enjoy a perfect work-life balance. 

They work as a mentor and help the patient adopt the best health practices as a lifestyle. The spectrum may include stress management, nutritious foods, exercise, and enough sleep.  They will tell clients when to meet a primary care physician for treatment or diagnosis.

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Holistic health coach

Where Can I Find a Holistic Health Coach?

1.    Colleges and Universities

There are many educational institutes that hire health coaches. They use health professionals for students, faculty, and staff as well.

2.    Spas, Gyms & Wellness Centers

As public awareness about wellness and a healthy lifestyle tends to grow, the number of specialized centers also multiply. Gyms are also expanding their services to stand out from the competition. You can also find them in weight-loss programs and sports specific training centers.

3.    Corporations

Many small to large scale corporations are implementing employee wellness programs.

Why Hire a Holistic Health Coach?

Here is why you really need a good holistic health coach.

1.    You Need a Trained Professional

The certified holistic health coaches are competent and professionally trained. Diet is the number one cause of disability in the United States. Unfortunately, doctors are not given adequate nutrition education in school.

Medical schools do not educate doctors well-enough about lifestyle changes that can mitigate a healthy lifestyle. So why not hire a trained holistic health coach and change your life today.

The lifestyle changes they recommend will cultivate long-lasting and healthy habits.

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2.    You Need to Care About Your Whole Self

Holistic Health coaches always look at the big picture. They make the coaching plan in light of your mental, emotional, and physical needs. Rather than pondering the symptoms, they ask the right questions and provide you with the best suggestions.

The suggestions that constitute the behavioral changes that you should make in accordance with your emotional and mental needs.

It is the part of registered dietitians and nutritionists’ job to educate patients about specific medically necessary diets. Although, you may have non-medical needs and goals that must be resolved soon. Adopt a proactive approach instead of reactive and eradicate malicious behavior before their ill-effects emerge.

3.    You Need to Feel Listened to

Patients normally have not more than 11 seconds to explain the reason behind their visits to doctors. The holistic approach suggests to connect with patients and attentively listen to their experiences. Medical doctors, most of the time are quick to assume and often make decisions in the light of referrals and previous cases.

Certified holistic health coaches deal with their patients, very differently. They spend ample time in discussion and counsel patients through behavioral changes. When you feel listened, your physical and mental health status improves more than if you work on your goals alone.

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4.    You Need to Select Your Diet Wisely

It happens when you read too much on the Internet. One day you are a vegan and the very next day you decide to go Paleo. After some more days, you are like, ‘I am really going the Mediterranean way. ’

It is time to visit a holistic health coach. They will help you stay calm and take things easily. Many of them are familiar with more than 100 dietary theories and know which ones are best for your body, health, and mind.

5.    You Need to Know Your Weight Gain Reason

You have tried all the recommended foods. Moreover, you have cut on carbs yet your weight keeps increasing. What is it that you are unintentionally doing wrong?

Consult your Holistic health coach to figure out the changes that will impact your health positively.

Here is a list of some areas where holistic life coaches can provide excellent support.

  1. Hormone balancing
  2. Weight management
  3. Career goals
  4. Digestive issues
  5. Exercise and movement
  6. Time management
  7. Food cravings
  8. Better nutrition
  9. Positive self-talk
  10. Energy levels
  11. Adrenal fatigue
  12. Overcoming fears
  13. Creating healthy habits
  14. Stress management
  15. Meditation practice

How Much Do Health Coaches Charge?

Health Coach fees have a wide range. There are health coaches who are just starting out that may only charge as little as $25 per session, while a highly trained holistic health coach may charge as much as $450 per session.

But most often health coaches tend to offer life coaching packages where they can offer sessions, as well as other included services for a monthly charge if the client signs up for a specific number of months.

What are You Waiting for?

We all struggle in a couple of areas of our life. The cause of struggle has often more to do with our habitual way of thinking. Homo Sapiens are the products of their habits. It is very difficult to recognize those ill thinking patterns without external help.

A holistic health coach will not only help you realize why you are at this point in life but also help you move forward to your best self. So what are you waiting for?

Find the best holistic health coach near you and change your life today. This investment will manifest its tremendous benefits in years to come.

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