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Intimacy coach certification from Austerity Health Academy

Intimacy Coach – 5 Important Reasons Couples Need One

For most, the idea of an intimacy coach seems like a notion so foreign they may have never given it serious thought. But considering that for a happy, passionate, and loving relationship, one needs intimacy. But as time passes, most people lose intimacy in their relationships over time which can almost feel like a dull pain.

ICF Certification

1 Shocking Reason Why You Don’t Need ICF Certification to Become a Life Coach

The International Coach Federation would have you believe that you must obtain ICF Certification to be respected as a life coach. But those who understand the industry they simply know better.

Bucket list life coach from Broken Moon Media

3 Valuable Reasons You Need a Bucket List Life Coach

If you need help slowing down and doing things you enjoy, you may want the motivational push from a Bucket List Life Coach. Getting caught up each day doing the things “we have to do” we forget to do the things that bring us joy. We too often spend too much time working late into…