Intimacy Coach – 5 Important Reasons Couples Need One

For most, the idea of an intimacy coach seems like a notion so foreign they may have never given it serious thought. But considering that for a happy, passionate, and loving relationship, one needs intimacy. But as time passes, most people lose intimacy in their relationships over time which can almost feel like a dull pain. A romantic relationship cannot flourish without intimacy. Feelings of excitement, passion, love, and intimacy can help to grow your relationship. But on contrary, the simple lack of these factors can make you feel completely disconnected.

Human beings are not robots, and they need a meaningful touch to feel true happiness in a relationship. Intimacy in any relationship is like water helping to keep a garden vibrant, alive, and colorful. Just like couples need marriage coaching before and after marriage, they need an intimacy coach to keep their relationship passionate. Intimacy can help both partners feel safe and loved and those are the fundamental needs of almost all humans.

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Reasons Married Couples Need an Intimacy Coach

With time a marriage life goes through many ups, downs, and crises. As a result of which most of us gradually lose the intimacy and passion in our relationships. However, to revive your relationship and bring back its lost passion, you probably need an intimacy coach.

Here are some of the reasons why couples need an intimacy coach:

●       You Have Grown Apart:

After years of marriage, couples become discounted and no longer engage with each other instead, they only coexist in the same room. This lack of interest in each other can often lead to divorce. Therefore to avoid these issues and keep them from growing, people need to restart their relationships. It doesn’t mean that they have to start a new one, but they can bring back intimacy in their relationship with the help of an intimacy coach just like the initial days of their marriage.

●       To Deepen Sexual Connection:

The physical connection between partners is an important and possibly the key aspect of an intimate relationship. A couple with a regular physical intimate relationship is far better than those that don’t share in physical intimacy. Therefore, if you feel you have lost a physical aspect of an intimate relationship, you need an intimacy coach. Physical contact acts as a glue in a relationship that can connect both partners in a better way. Moreover, it can help to meet both partners’ needs for connection, proving a strong foundation, and bringing confidence and clarity in marriage.

●       To Have Better Communication About Desire and Boundaries:

For a passionate and romantic relationship, couples need to talk about their dreams, desires, fantasies and boundaries. However, a lack of communication can create a distance in couples, especially after a few years of marriage. Therefore, an intimacy coach can help you to have better communication about your desires and boundaries. Thus, helping to bring back old passionate and intimate days of your relationship. Improved communication can help you to understand how your partner wants to be touched. 

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●       Emotional Healing:

An intimacy coach can help to neurologically re-pattern your brain and body. In case you or your partner felt heartbreak, guilt, shame or past trauma due to any reason should seek help from a coach. A good coach can help you to come out from your past to heal you emotionally. Once you are emotionally healed, you will feel confident and will be in a better position to have an intimate relationship.

●       To Improve Your Love Life:

Many couples claim that they are fulfilling each aspect of their marriage except those of an intimate nature but are still in a loving relationship. With time people can lose their passion. However, a survey shows that one of the main causes of a divorce is the lack of a love life.  Therefore, an intimacy coach can improve your love life and help you to save your relationship.

Final Thoughts

As years pass by couples begin to feel distant and sense the lack of intimacy that creeps in and squeezes out the passion in their marriage. If you feel like your relationship could use a reignition of intimacy, but you are not sure where to start an intimacy coach is the answer.

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