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Life coach and motivational speaker

5 Profound Differences Between a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

We have seen a huge surge in the motivational speaker’s trendiness and a life coach from the past few decades. However, many people still don’t get the difference between a life coach and motivational speaker, as they may sound like they are the same.

become a life coach

How to Become a Life Coach-The 9 Shocking Things You Must Know

With so many people needing a little personal help, the need for people to become a life coach has never been more profound.

life coach certification from Austerity Health Academy

2 Important Reasons to Become Life Coach Certified

Have you been surprised by the overwhelming interest by those who want to become life coach certified. How many of us have ever thought about becoming a life? In reality, it is not always the first choice of people to become a life coach. After graduating or finishing our degrees, everyone struck with a question of what is next. Although some people do plan out their careers, they are not many.