5 Profound Differences Between a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

We have seen a huge surge in motivational speakers’ trendiness and life coach over the past few decades. However, many people still don’t get the difference between a life coach and a motivational speaker, as they may sound like they are the same. However, when we look at them in detail, you may understand that they are entirely different in their cause and goal.

A motivational speaker or an inspirational speaker delivers speeches with the intent to inspire their audience to bring positive changes. At the same time, a life coach can help people to make progress in their lives. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the key differences between a life coach and a motivational speaker.

Reasons for the Rising Popularity of Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking

The primary reasons for the tremendous increase in life coaching and motivational speakers are:

  • There is not much regulation in either of these two areas and are not any restrictions.
  • Everyone wants to make changes in other lives.
  • Technology is easily available a result of which anyone can make a presentation and deliver one.

Let’s take a few minutes and look closely at the differences between a life coach and a motivational speaker, what they do, what they focus on, and how they accomplish their goals.

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dirrerences between a life coach and motivational speaker

Differences between a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

At first glance, most people think that both are the same things. However, when you look in-depth, you will know that both are entirely different fields and have different aims and goals.

The main difference between a life coach and a motivational speaker are:

Method of Communication:

A motivational speaker addresses a group of people where he tries to inspire them. However, the only motivational speaker speaks and tries to inspire and motivate the audience. A motivational speaker only speaks for an hour or two.

On the other hand, life coaches conduct one-on-one session where he talks to the clients personally. A life coach has a more intimate relationship with their clients and actively tries to listen to their clients. Moreover, a life coaching session is not a one-time session; instead, it consists of many sessions spanning over months. 


The key goal of a motivational speaker is to inspire and motivate their audience. However, generally, it is seen that their goal is short-term. The audience gets highly motivated by listening to the passionate and encouraging talk of the audience. But studies show that generally, this motivation is for the short-term.

However, when it comes to life coaching, they hold a one-on-one sessions and try to have better communication with clients; consequently, they show long-term results. Generally, clients of a life coach show better results.


During a motivational speaker session, only a motivational speaker speaks. They may or may not allow questioning at the end of the session, as a result of which sometimes it may result in confusion and non-clarity. And we all know when the audience is not clear, they may not be able to get results.

As far as life coaching matters, they actively listen to their clients. They are better listeners and have the ability to ask questions to their clients. As a result of which they have a better grip on the whole situation and thus give better suggestions and treatments to their clients. 


Although motivational speakers desire to bring positive change to their audience, they don’t hold any responsibility. Once they are done with a session, they have nothing to do with their audience’s lives. They are not responsible even if there is no change in the life of their audience.

However, when it comes to life coaches, they hold responsibility. As they hold personal sessions and their sessions depend on the month. Thus they take responsibility and actively try to bring changes to their clients.

          Motivational Speaker                    Life Coach
Talk with a group of people for no more than an hour or two.Provide one-on-one coaching to clients and involve a number of sessions.
Tries to deliver a message that can motivate and excite the audience.Uses numerous tools, techniques, and realization methods to allow clients to find their true power.
Although it tries to bring change in its listeners, they don’t hold any responsibilities.A life coach feels a personal responsibility to help clients to achieve their goals.
They take only a limited number of questions at the end of their talk. Consequently, sometimes they may end up with unclarity.Life coach spends a considerable amount of time listening to their clients to find information. Thus, helping them to become self-aware, grow, and develop.
Generally, they result in short-term motivation and inspiration in the audience.Coaching has a long-term motivation and inspiration for its clients that help them to transform their lives.
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Consider This

A life coach and motivational speaker both have different purposes and goals. However, if you want to be both, you can, but first, remember they are distinct and different, and be sure to learn the life coaching questions great coaches need to ask.