The 7 Illuminating Questions Great Coaches Ask

Do you know what questions great coaches ask every one of their clients? The impact of coaching depends on the types of questions a coach asks. Many people mistakenly think that coaching means providing answers to their problems. However, on the contrary, the goal of a coach is to ask powerful coaching questions that can unlock the surface.

The best way to find the root cause of any problem, and to solve it, is through clarity. It is no surprise; this is what a good coach and coaching session does for their clients. By asking important life coaching questions, a coach gives you clarity; thus, allowing you to think out of the box to find answers.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the most powerful life coaching questions.

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Most Powerful Life Coaching Questions

Asking the right coaching question is as important as choosing the right coaching model for an effective session. So, let’s have a look at 7 best life coaching questions.

1.     What do you want to achieve through this session?

The most important question to ask your clients at the start of the session is what they are expecting from this session. It will give you an idea of what they are expecting from you. And how you can lead a coaching session to achieve desirable results.

2.     How Do you Feel About Your Current Life or Situation?

It will give you an insight into their current situation, thus allowing you to understand your client’s situation better. As a coach, you can only help your client if you can decode their current mental state and emotions. Therefore, asking about their current feelings will help you a lot.

3.     If there Were no Limits, Who Would you Be?

Learn about their dreams, mission and life goal by asking this question. When you ask these kinds of questions, the client will tell you honestly what they want to be or about their dreams.

4.     How Can you Define Success?

A critical question to ask is what do they think success is? It can allow your clients to start visualizing what they want to see in their lives. Therefore, the client can begin to explore themselves and find ways to achieve their dreams. 

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5.     What Steps Have You Taken to Achieve your Goal?

Asking this question will allow your clients to think about whether they have tried to achieve their goals or not. Because in most cases, people do dream about success and achieving their goals, but in reality, they haven’t taken any considerable steps. Thus, it can open new doors of enlightenment for a client.

6.     What Motivates You?

No one can achieve success without motivation. Thus, try to help your client find their biggest motivation or what their triggering point is because it can help them to keep going for their goal without any distraction.

7.     What Are You Doing that gets in the Way of Achieving your Goals?

Having big dreams is not enough; one has to work for them. By asking this question, you are forcing your client to think about the decisions and choices they made in their daily life that stop them from success. In this way, they can make better decisions in future.

Final Words

As a coach asking the right question is very important. These questions will let you know about the mindset of your client, thus guiding you for your upcoming sessions. 

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What are good questions to ask a coach?

Here is a shortlist of questions everyone should ask a life coach.

  • Do you have references?
  • Are you certified as a life coach?
  • What if we have differing life views?
  • Do you have experience working with what I’m facing?
  • Do you believe life coaching will help me?
  • How long might treatment last?
  • When will we meet and how often will the sessions take place?
  • What is your approach to life coaching?
  • Do you offer phone or online coaching?
  • How much do sessions cost?
  • How long is each session?

What does a life coach actually do?

Life coaches are professionals who help their clients with situations that are currently or about to happen in their lives. Coaches focus on the present and future, without dredging up the past. They are typically solution focused and have a humanistic view that supports the idea that you are more than the total of your past experiences. You are what you want to become as well. You are not limited to what you have received in the past. The belief that the future is open and you can be whatever you work hard enough to be.

What are High Mileage Questions?

High mileage questions are ones that are also known as open ended questions. Questions that cannot be answered with one or two words. The answer must be a deeper explanation, that gives insight into the client and the point of reference they come from. High mileage questions are those that answer more than just those which were asked.