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ask vs tell coaching and leadership

Ask vs Tell Coaching | 6 Shocking Techniques

The ability to tell the difference between ask vs tell coaching is important if you plan to be or hire a great coach. With the advancement in every sphere of life, the need for certain developmental processes has increased in almost every institution of society. Take any field of work or academic discipline; we always require guidance in order to do what we do as best as possible.

e-coaching Austerity Health

10 Valuable Benefits of email Life Coaching

Email life coaching is not a new phenomenon, but is gaining support from not only coaches, but also their clients! Life is a long complex series of events, both happy and sad, rough and smooth. Often in life, a person gets to the point where he/she feels lost and feels the need of having someone by their side who can help guide them through their problems or help reach desired goals.

the science of life coaching

5 Shocking Resources for the Science of Life Coaching

You may have never spent a moment considering the science of life coaching, but thanks to technological advances and continuous research in almost every field, we live in an unprecedented era of knowledge. Therefore, people are much more mentally aware than in the past. Consequently, they do not blindly believe in theories without proof or…

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance | 7 Simple Ways to Receive it

Are You open to receiving spiritual guidance? There are times in our lives when we lose our path. However, in most cases, people live all their lives without really understanding their purpose in life. Are you living your life that way, without a purpose or meaning in life?

life coaching for moms

6 Reasons a Life Coach for Moms is Important

Why is a life coach for moms a necessity? Because motherhood is one of the most painstaking yet rewarding experiences of a woman’s life. It is usually believed that giving birth is difficult (which it certainly is), but most moms, once they are through the process, end up changing their narrative.

non-verbal communication

How to Life Coach Without Saying a Word

Most experts agree that 70-95% of communication is non-verbal. So then why would you need to talk while life coaching? The primary reason to speak as a life coach is to ask questions.

GOB as a Life Coach

What GOB Bluth Can Teach us About Life Coaching

GOB Bluth is a fictional character from the TV show Arrested Development. What can the character of GOB Bluth teach us about life coaching is a tongue in cheek look at the subject. To be a purest we will only use the first three seasons of the show. Because the rest of the garbage was…

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Through Physical Appearance

The law of attraction through physical appearance is a subject that has been gaining momentum recently and for good reason. It is an alternate way of looking at the world around us. It encompasses energy and something else.

Kids coaching

Kids Coaching

Why is kids coaching important? Kids are the future; and so every parent wants their kids to be as successful in life as possible. Kids can be successful and go after their dreams only when they feel confident.