Spiritual Guidance | 7 Simple Ways to Receive it

Are You open to receiving spiritual guidance? There are times in our lives when we lose our path. However, in most cases, people live all their lives without really understanding their purpose in life. Are you living your life that way, without a purpose or meaning in life?

These are desperate times, and desperate times always call for desperate measures. Therefore, you need to reconsider your relationship with the divine, and it’s time to awaken your senses and soul. To simply state all you need is spiritual guidance.

If you are also looking for spiritual guidance, then you are at the right place; continue reading the article.

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spiritual guidance

What is Spiritual Guidance?

It is a form of counseling where one explores spiritual aspects of being human and helps us find our purpose in life by creating a relationship with the divine. It will help you to renew your senses of sacredness. To simply state spiritual guidance is the way individuals seek help and define their purpose in life.

Moreover, it also helps them live in the present moment and feel connected with their self, nature, others, and sacred feelings. Actually, spiritual guidance can give you a reason to get up every day and live your life while fulfilling its purpose. It can help you to care about other people in a non-judgmental, nurturing, and affirming way. Besides, your spiritual life coach can also help you with spiritual guidance.

7 Ways to Receive Spiritual Guidance

To receive spiritual guidance, you need to keep your mind open. Or, in simple words, try to have a growth mindset. The most critical point is spiritual guidance is not always based on science; instead, it lies in your belief system and faith.

In this section, we will explain 7 most powerful ways to connect with your spiritual guide or to receive spiritual guidance. 

1.     Mediate:

Meditation is the most powerful and the best way to receive wisdom and guidance from the divine. Actually, mediation can clear your mind from unnecessary material and let you help at the current moment. It can help you to feel the moment without any worries or tension.

However, the key to receiving spiritual guidance through mediation is to repeat the mantra that I am open to the message that the universe will send. You can do openness meditation at any time. However, the best way to meditate is before rising from bed, near water, or in an elevated land.

2.     Practice Loving Kindness:

The key to receiving spiritual guidance is to clear your mind and soul. Therefore, just like meditation, another way to receive spiritual guidance is by practicing loving-kindness. This means being kind to your friends and family and acting with kindness when meeting strangers.

It is a general belief that when you share positive energy with kindness, it can create space for receiving a message from God. Moreover, there is also numerous clinical evidence showing that practicing kindness and resulting in a state of calm and happiness.

3.     Read Spiritual Material:

Sometimes people get spiritual guidance and signals, but due to lack of knowledge and awareness, they are unable to see them. Therefore, it is very important to read material on spiritual guidance. Besides, you can also learn about spiritual psychology.

You will only be able to hear a cosmic voice when you are actively engaging your mind in spiritual lessons. Try to learn about different religions’ spiritual material to get guidance. When reading spiritual lessons, continuously ask questions to yourself and try to find their answers. Moreover, look at patterns to make connections so you can communicate with higher powers.

4.     Explore Nature:

In my view, there is no other better guidance like the one hidden in nature. More or less, all religions believe that the divine creates our planet. Therefore, in each and every corner, there are hidden messages and guidance for you.

All you need to do is to spend as much time with nature as possible and try to stay close to nature. Try to use all your five senses to focus on nature and try to work on your situational awareness.

5.     Pray Daily:

This one is the most obvious way to receive guidance from above, and everyone knew it no matter to which religion you belong. Therefore, to receive insight from the divine, try to pray daily. Keep in mind it is not one-way communication.

To connect with God, try to tune in with the universe by creating a period of silence. In this way, several images and visions will appear in your consciousness giving you a message. Be grateful to God and believe that God will communicate with you.

6.     Identify your Spiritual Guide:

Till the time of our birth to death, we all have our spiritual guides. However, most of us are unaware of this and spent all their lives in ignorance. So, the moment you decide to find or seek guidance try to identify your guide as well.

If you don’t know your guide don’t worry. Try to recall from your childhood that anything or sign special is with you all your life, and whenever you are in despair, it unnoticeably helps you. If yes, then this is your spiritual guide. It can be an animal or a special sign.

7.     Change your Routine:

Similarity brings boredom and reduces one’s creativity. Therefore, the same routine can result in ritualization. So, if you are looking for intuitive guidance, you have to make small changes in your routine. There is no need to make huge changes; all you need is to make a small change.

Like you can change your route from home to school or try a new dish or adopt a new hobby. It will free your mind from the auto-pilot mode and thus, creating a space for new energy and insight in your life.

Final Words

Spiritual guidance strengthens your relationship with the divine and helps you to find your purpose. You can follow the methods mentioned above to find your center. Besides, you can also take spiritual counseling.