What GOB Bluth Can Teach us About Life Coaching

GOB Bluth is a fictional character from the TV show Arrested Development. What can the character of GOB Bluth teach us about life coaching is a tongue in cheek look at the subject. To be a purest we will only use the first three seasons of the show. Because the rest of the garbage was written by people who had obviously never seen the first three seasons.

GOB had Eternal Optimism

What GOB Bluth Can Teach us About Life Coaching? GOB was always looking at the bright side of things. He also would take responsibility when he messed up. “I’ve made a huge mistake” was almost his motto. He had a poster hung in his office as the President of the Bluth Company, that stated never be afraid to make mistakes. He was aa dreamer an optimist, a magician.

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GOB Bluth on a Segway deceptively acting as a life coach

GOB was a Showman

What GOB Bluth Can Teach us About Life Coaching? Whether onstage or just in front of others, he was always trying to entertain people. He made it clear that when he was around, you were going to laugh (at him more than with him) but laugh none the less. He nearly never performed in front of others without flaw or mistakes, but it never stopped his go get-um spirit.

Life Lessons From GOB

What GOB Bluth Can Teach us About Life Coaching? Take a “forget me now” when you do something you regret. Do not waste time crying over spilled milk. Forget the mistakes of the past and continue to move forward toward whatever you are striving for. While taking a literal pill is not recommended, a figurative one will often work in its place. Time is precious and should not be squandered on things that cannot be changed.

Ask for Help when Necessary

GOB also used his brother Michael to help him with his problems on the regular. Make sure you have someone who you can go to and ask for help. You do not have to be a lone ranger by yourself. Ask for advice and help to lesson the burden of life.

Ask and you Might Receive

What GOB Bluth Can Teach us About Life Coaching? GOB was never afraid of asking for what he wanted, even when it was an immoral or selfish something. He knew what he wanted and asked for it. Take for instance when he was looking for a “holy trinity” he asked not only several different pairs but each one individually, after being smacked in the face. Again, while we should probably ask for more wholesome things, be sure to not go through life with your lip buttoned. You will get 0% of the things you never ask for. So, any percentage of things you get that you ask for is an improvement.

Final Take Away

There are lessons that can be learned from everyone you see, meet, watch, or read about. Take a few minutes to look deep into the situations, and actions of others and see if there are any lessons you can take from them. There usually is.

I hope you had fun with this little exercise. This may be the first of several lessons from unlikely sources, so keep an eye out.