The Law of Attraction Through Physical Appearance

The law of attraction through physical appearance is a subject that has been gaining momentum recently and for good reason. It is an alternate way of looking at the world around us. It encompasses energy and something else, vibrations.

Energy is what all matter is made up of. We’ve been studying all of its different forms through science since we were in elementary school. Still, there’s this one special sort of energy that no one taught us about: The inherent energy that resides within us and everything in the universe.

From the moment a person is born, this energy starts manifesting itself in different forms. As we grow older, it’s this same energy that takes the form of our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, even our circumstances. In short, it affects everything in our life. But the question is, how? How does it operate? What are its driving factors? What can hinder it?

The phenomenon that perfectly explains the dynamics of this energy is “The law of attraction.”

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Law of attraction and physical appearance

The law of Attraction:

Ever heard of the quote, You are what you think or “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there!”? This is precisely what the law of attraction is all about! Put simply…

“You will find what you are looking for -not find what you want.”

Aaron Jarrels

This means whatever you spend energy on, expend mental vibrations, you will attract what you think about. If you think, I’ll never succeed. You’ll be right. If you think… “this is my time! I can actually do this!” you’ll also be right. Even if you are thinking about the exact same thing. Because your brain wants you to be right, not happy. You must think about what will make you happy.

This law controls where and when we incorporate our energy, which in turn either serves us or harms us. So, according to the law of attraction, a person has the ability to attract whatever, yes, WHATEVER they want in their life by directing their thoughts toward what they desire. It also means they must truly expect to get what they are desiring as well. Of course, this can be hindered by binding/limiting beliefs, be sure to remove any binding beliefs that are limiting your mind.

Your thoughts are so powerful that they can bring you the things you desire. Yes, you heard that right. And this is precisely what is known as the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction and Physical Appearance:

As mentioned above, the energy (controlled by the law of attraction) present inside us affects all aspects of our life. In this article, we’re going to discuss the effects of the law of attraction on our physical Appearance. In particular, how it can either groom us physically or cause unpleasant changes in our Appearance.

It’s a common occurrence that many children in their developmental years receive comments on their physical appearance. While some are praised for their physical features, some are unfortunately hit with negative and insensitive remarks. Either way, these comments leave a strong impact on the minds of these children. They internalize these remarks unconsciously.

It so happens that these remarks, whether good or bad, are repeated by other people as well. When this happens, the person at the listening end starts formulating subconscious beliefs about their physical Appearance based on those comments. This, in turn, actually makes their physical Appearance as per their beliefs. Whatever you think, you become! Remember? This is actually the law of attraction happening at a subconscious level.

Here’s the good news:

This amazing process of internalizing beliefs can be used to benefit ourselves. We can purposely make use of the law of attraction to make desirable changes to our physical Appearance. In this case, however, we’ll use the law of attraction consciously to bring about positive changes in our outlook.

It’s astounding how powerful our thoughts are and how they can create favorable shifts in our Appearance, but only if we know how it’s done and do it exactly that way!

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How to use The Law of Attraction to Change Your Physical Appearance:

The process may sound a bit complicated, but it’s very easy once you understand the core of it. So, are you ready to unravel the majestic secret of how the law of attraction can groom you physically? Let’s get started!

I’ve broken down the process into 8 progressive steps, so it would be easier for you to follow through:

1) Understand the Background of Your Appearance.

Knowing that your physical Appearance is merely the product of all the beliefs and opinions that you’ve garnered from your surroundings makes it easier for you to locate the core of your issue.

For example, if you’re overweight and want to lose weight, you must first understand that your weight is not a fixed attribute, rather it’s the product of what you’ve perceived about it all your life.

This understanding/realization will give you a sense of relief because it’ll remind you that the way your perception has crafted your present Appearance; it can also craft your desired Appearance the same way. It’s just a matter of attracting what you want.

2) Have Faith That the Desired Outcome is Possible.

Having faith that the changes you want to make in your Appearance are possible is what will make it possible. If you presume that you’ll fail, then you’ll most probably fail in attracting what you want to attract.

Also, not only believe that it’s possible but believe that it’s easy. If you believe that it’s difficult, you’re actually blocking your energy and directing it in the opposite direction.

Once you have a firm belief that you’ll attract your desired physical attribute easily, your whole body will cooperate to direct itself toward what you want to attract. This is exactly how the law of attraction is supposed to work, very swiftly yet amazingly.

3) Give your Imagination a Boost!

We had already agreed above on the fact that how we perceive ourselves is what we become, but we were previously discussing how we form our perceptions “subconsciously,” which then manifests in our outlook. Now that we’re attracting what we truly want, we have to consciously mold our perception of ourselves in our mind, in a way that aligns with our desire.

For example, if you wish to have glowy, radiant skin, imagine yourself with just the perfect skin quality. Daydream about it until your dream turns into reality. 

Remember, your perception of reality will change your reality.

4) Call out Your Desire, Repeatedly.

One of the most efficient strategies of manifesting a belief in your mind is to repeat it over and over again. What repetition does is it registers the repeated thought in your subconscious mind, which is actually the true site of manifestation of beliefs.

Also, use specific and precise statements for repetition. For example, if you want your eyes to appear bigger and wider, don’t say that “I want my eyes to be such and such,” it’ll only reinforce the belief that you don’t like your eyes. Instead, directly speak as if you’ve achieved what you want, like “My eyes are very big and wide. They are so pretty”. This will make your brain believe that your eyes are actually pretty, thereby changing your perception and consequently attracting the desired change.

5) Employ the Placebo Effect!

The placebo effect is an interesting psychological concept that says that the expectation of using a pill (which is usually a fake, sugar-filled pill and not a pharmaceutical drug) to heal an ailment will actually heal it. The results of the placebo effect are real and promising, and it has been proven by many studies.

When you combine a placebo with the law of attraction techniques, amazing things will follow. It will not only speed up the process but will make it more efficient. One way to do it is to look up spiritual prayers or natural remedies that have been associated with your desired result.

For example, using chia seeds has been associated with weight loss. If you want to lose weight, start using chia seeds as a placebo, and you’ll be amazed at how magically it will slash down your fat.

The placebo doesn’t necessarily have to be a natural remedy; it can be something very ordinary. The thing that will make it a successful placebo is your expectation that it will work.

6) Pretend as You’ve Already Achieved It.

Whatever it is that you want to attract, it’s certain that you want to attract it because it’ll make you feel happy or beautiful. So, basically, the ultimate goal is the happiness/satisfaction that will come because of the change. 

If you start behaving as if the change has already occurred, you’ll get the feeling that you’d get had it actually occurred. This will make you more receptive to the thing that you’re trying to attract; it’ll set the ground for the change to actually occur.

7) Admire What You Desire.

If the thing that you want to attract is present in somebody else around you, for example, a family member or a close friend, admire it with all your heart. Don’t try to compare yourself with that person. Instead, allow yourself to look at that thing with positivity and admiration.

 Feel happy and excited that you, too, are going to own it very soon. The genuinely you feel that way, the quicker you’ll be in the position of feeling grateful for achieving what you wanted. Attraction works that way.

8) Embrace Yourself while Working for the Change

While it’s important to truly imagine and feel how you want yourself to look, it’s equally important to be at peace with your present self. If you keep hating yourself for your current look, there’s no way you can attract the new look. A positive and negative always yields a negative.

Be patient with the manifestation process while it happens.

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The law of attraction is an amazing phenomenon that can be used to positively alter the physical appearance of a person if appropriately employed. To learn more about the law of attraction and manifesting your new self, check out