Self-Esteem | 4 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know

For many people, self-esteem and confidence is the same thing. However, confidence is much more of a component of self-worth and value. Many people are quite confident, but may still suffer from esteem that is lower than most.

As a result of which they are unable to see themselves in a positive light. Unfortunately, due to their self-tormenting, they lack many good opportunities in life. Are you also a self-inflicted victim of low self-esteem then continue reading this:

What is Self-Esteem?

It is knowing and understanding one’s self-worth and personal values. In simple terms, it explains whether you make peace with yourself and accept yourself as you are or not.

Feelings of esteem are often a catch-all term for beliefs about oneself, including personal appearance, emotions, beliefs, avoidance, and behavior.

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Self-esteem helps you keep an eye on the ball

Why is Self-Esteem Important?

People with healthy high self-esteem have a much greater chance of being successful in their life. Whereas low self-esteem can be one of the leading causes to hold you back in life. Moreover, it impacts all spheres of human life, whether it’s your personal or professional life.

As a result, it is extremely important. Moreover, having enough esteem can give you the courage to achieve your goals.

High vs. Low Self-Esteem

Very high and low esteem explains the two extremes and is just the opposite of each other. Some people also called it healthy vs. impaired. Although there are also other types of self-esteem. However, in this article, we will mainly focus on the center (healthy) and two of its two extremes (impaired).

·        High/Healthy Self-Esteem:

A person with high/healthy esteem knows their true worth. They understand the fact that each person has a different set of skills and abilities. They make peace with life by accepting their true selves and trying to live a healthy life.

Signs of Healthy Self-Esteem

Common symptoms of healthy self-esteem are:

  1. Know their self-worth
  2. Handle criticism positively
  3. Understands the difference between confidence and arrogance
  4. Have been able to voice their opinions
  5. Not afraid of failures
  6. Accept themselves as they are
  7. Trust themselves
  8. Manafest qualities of honesty and integrity
  9. Practice acceptance for others
  10. Have an optimistic approach
  11. Take responsibility for their actions
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·        Low/Impaired Self-Esteem:

Low esteem is the exact opposite of high esteem. A person with very low esteem feels like they are not good at anything and lack self-worth. They feel insecure and always compare themselves with others.

In short, they are continuously devaluing themselves and don’t understand their skills and strengths. The problem often lies in their mindset and can benefit greatly from the services of a skilled mindset coach.

Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Common symptoms of low or impaired self-esteem are:

  1. Lack self-worth
  2. Have feelings of being unimportant
  3. Always in need of others guidance or approval
  4. Self-judgment
  5. Avoid attention
  6. Dislike themselves
  7. Judge others
  8. Unhappy in a relationship
  9. Have a pessimistic approach
  10. Not open to honest feedback
  11. Compare themselves to others
  12. Afraid to take risks

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Causes of Low Self-Esteem

Low feelings of esteem are not always hereditary. There are numerous factors in our surroundings and the environment in which we live that affect the way we see, think about, and feel about ourselves deeply. A healthy lifestyle and a positive environment can improve our confidence in ourselves.

However, on the other hand, a lousy surrounding that suppresses our abilities can lead to less than optimal levels of esteem. Some of the most common causes of low esteem are:

·        Shame:

Most of the time or almost in ninety percent cases, the main reason behind low self-esteem is shame. Feelings and emotions of shame are strongly associated with our surroundings and the environment in which a child grows.

It is not the confidence that leads to low self-esteem; instead, it is the emotions of feeling worthless and bad. Shame means one fear of failure and a feeling of rejection. Consequently, it can lead to depression and anxiety.

·        Relationships:

People who are in a toxic relationship for a long time also tend to have much lower feelings of self-worth and it affects their entire being. Being in an abusive relationship, whether it is between a parent and child, husband-wife, or any other relationship, can cause impairments to confidence, esteem, and feelings of worth.

Due to excessive rejection from your partner can cause shame and anxiety in one’s self. Ultimately they lost faith in themselves and started to feel worthless and feel like they are not good at anything.

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Tips to Improve Self-Esteem

However, if you are suffering from a low self-esteem problem, don’t worry. Because there are numerous methods to boost one’s self-worth and self-esteem. These are:

·        Be Nice to Yourself:

The first step towards improved self-esteem is to be nice to yourself. You need to understand that all human beings are prone to mistakes. Moreover, a single mistake cannot define you.

Therefore, speak to yourself positively. You can achieve great things only when you will trust yourself. Thus practice and learn tips to talking to yourself.

·        Learn your Skills:

A great way to believe in yourself is to learn about your strengths and skills. You can achieve great things and can make your distinct identity if you use your skills effectively.

Know what things you are right, therefore take your chances using those skills. It can give you immense confidence. And if you succeed in achieving your goals, it can immediately improve your self-esteem.

·        Surround with Positive People:

As we already explained in the above section, that one of the causes of low self-esteem is the bad surrounding. Where people fail to recognize their abilities and worth. So, if you want to improve your life and the way you feel about yourself, remove toxic people from your life.

Surround yourself with the people that praise your skills and don’t put you down. These are the king of people that know your self-worth best and help you to be the best version of yourself.

·        Work towards your Goals:

Another effective way to improve self-esteem is by setting your goal and working for it. Do the things that make you happy, and it can help you to boost your self-worth? Do you want to opt for healthy eating or are interested in getting your master’s degree?

Set a goal for yourself and work towards it with your full might.

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Final Words

Self-esteem is linked with self-worth, confidence, and belief in one’s self. There are numerous factors affecting esteem. You can often recognize whether yours is high or low by simply reading the signs, but fear not, in the case you happen to have lower than you would like, you can always improve it.