11 Incredible Things a Parenting Coach Can do

What is a Parenting Coach?

A parenting coach is a partner and guide for parents and families. A life coach with a special interest in helping parents experience the most joy in raising children. Too often the drudgery of work and the daily grind can take its toll on what we have left of our patience for raising children. With the help of a dedicated parenting guide, figuring out what works best for each child becomes much easier.

There are different parenting styles, they are authoritarian (a parents-know-best approach that emphasizes obedience); permissive (which provides few behavioral guidelines because parents don’t want to upset their children); and authoritative (which blends a caring tone with structure and consistent limit-setting).

Helping you discover which parenting style works best with each child in your household as well as helping you institute schedules and responsibilities are where a supportive parent coach shine.

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Here are a few services parenting coach may be able to offer you:

·        Behavior problems

Assistance in helping parents discover the root cause of bad behavior and focusing on solving the issue rather than just reacting to the behavior issues.

Guiding parents to help them see the issues that are creating stress for them in their effort to be the best possible parent. This creates a distance between the “problem” and the children.

·        Best parenting practices

Providing parents and caregivers the best information to help them achieve a happy and harmonious family home life.

·        Developmental activities

Creating appropriate developmental activities for children that will shed light on their stage of growth and maturity level.

·        Parenting during transition or crisis

Helping parents with issues that can arise in times of crisis and transition such as broken families, blended families, switching schools, moving to a new house, etc.

·        Parenting questions

Providing answers to the nagging questions that can stall a parent’s ability to focus on the moment with their family and child.

·        Practical problems

Identifying and assisting in the creation of solutions to any practical issues that come up.

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What Are Some Goals of Parenting Coach Services?

·        Morning routines

When everyone in the family knows what is expected of them it eliminates questions and uncertainty, allowing space for happier mornings.

·        Bedtime and Sleep issues

This can be a daunting experience and parents often feel as though they have tried everything. Each child is different and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

·        Talking Back

Children can get into bad or inappropriate habits that can become difficult to change. Knowing how is key.

·        Not Listening

Distraction should be a crime punishable offense. But seriously learning how to become less distracted as children and parents require help.

·        Power Struggles

This is often a cry for something else altogether. Most often diagnosed by a parent as a child with a stubborn personality they probably got from a stubborn parent, but it’s usually much simpler.

·        Sibling Rivalry

Learning how to keep siblings from fighting against each other to get their parents’ approval and acceptance is essential.

·        Entitlement

Children of all ages and parents alike seem to have stronger feelings of entitlement, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

·        Tantrums

A cry for help, attention, or simply a bad habit? These do not have to be part of any family’s day.

·        Whining

It must have worked with someone, somewhere, sometime, but reteaching them how to ask for things takes time and direction.

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How to Become a Parenting Coach

There are several ways to become a parenting coach. The first is to find a local parenting coach near you that will agree to mentor you giving you an opportunity to learn from them, and then hope they teach you everything you need to know to be a successful life coach that specializes in parenting issues as well as directly compete with them.

The second is to join a community of coaches who share the vision of helping others polish their skills and talents to help others. To continue to increase the credibility of the profession and share knowledge with each other.

The Austerity Health Community is one such community. We share information, education, and certification for all specializations in life coaching.

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How Much Does a Parenting Coach Cost?

The cost of a parenting coach is far less than the cost of not having a parenting coach. But the rates vary drastically. Sessions times vary almost as wildly. We have seen parenting coaches charge $135 – $256 per session and the sessions ranged from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Be sure to get references and ask for an initial consultation before signing up for a program. Keep in mind each child, family make-up, and dynamic are all different. So, a one size fits all approach is something you and your family should run from.

What to Look for in a Parenting Coach

A certified life coach with experience with parenting and families. Someone with an easy-going attitude and personality, that will be easy to accept advice, direction, and what will sometimes feel like harsh criticisms. They should be a supportive partner who you feel has a vested interest in helping your family not just collecting a fee.

Here is one of the top parenting coaches available online: Meghan Leahy

Where to Get Life Coach Certified

If you are interested in learning more about becoming certified as a life coach yourself, Austerity Health Academy is the best online life coach certification program. Do yourself the favor of checking out what they have to offer. Join the Austerity Health Community of Coaches to see and feel the difference for yourself.