8 Shocking Things a Relationship Coach Can Fix

Relationships are valuable because they are so delicate and fragile. If you wanted to learn to run faster or hit a ball better, you wouldn’t hesitate to hire a coach to help you increase your skills. But, why then if relationships are so much more important to most of us, do we shy away from the idea of talking with or obtaining the services of a skilled coach to help us improve our relationship skills?

It is time to reevaluate our priorities.

What is a relationship coach?

What exactly is a relationship coach supposed to be or do anyway? There is no way to measure amateur, AA or professional relationships so how are we supposed to see value in using a coach?

Relationship success is measured in happiness and fulfillment. Those with it tend not to brag, while those who lack it moan the loudest. Broken relationships, divorce, and separation within couples is on the increase. Is it because people do not crave happiness and fulfillment anymore? Not likely, it is because they just can’t figure out how to find or hold onto it.

That is where a guide that can take an outside perspective of your relationship can help the two of you see what you both cannot. They can bring to attention blockages to communication without involving emotions that could be otherwise damaging. Because they are an unbiased observer of the relationship, they can see impediments that are unseen by those too close to the relationship.

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A happy couple who use a relationship coach

Can a Relationship Coach help Us?

Depending on if you are a new couple or one that has matured the type of coach you are looking for may vary. For new couples, a Dating Coach or even Marriage Coach may be more appropriate, due to the primary focus of the individuals involved. For those in long term matches such as marriages possibly involving children, a Relational Coach or Family Coach may be more appropriate.

If you are struggling with issues with your mate you may benefit from the services of a targeted life coach.

Such as:

  • communication
  • expressing desires
  • relaying wants or needs
  • loss of passion
  • lack of sexual desire
  • dwindling empathy
  • feelings of loneliness
  • to name only a few

Benefits of Relationship Coaching

Couples that utilize the services of a skilled relational life coach can expect to benefit. They will receive increased feelings of hope, deeper levels of communication, and improved approaches for dealing with disagreements. This may sound small at first glance, but how much would your spouse or lover be grateful if there were improvements in all these areas?

There is no better investment than that made in a meaningful relationship.

How much does a relationship coach Charge?

This begs the question; does it matter if it works? How much is your relationship worth? So, keep in mind it shouldn’t cost more than it should. Great relationship life coaches know they are worth what they charge, because of the difference and improvement they make in the lives of others.

Somewhere between $15 and $150 per hour is about right. That depends of course on their experience, education, skill, and availability. It is also a good idea to check references.

Relationship Coaching Packages

There are many prepackaged one-sized fits all deals offered online, you should absolutely avoid them. You do not have a cookie-cutter relationship, issue or problem, each couple has their own unique position and perspective.

It is great to think you can buy a box of things to fix everything, but here’s the truth. Even if you were sent a box with everything you needed to have a perfect outcome, the box would sit on a shelf. It would never be taken down and used. Change takes effort; effort and change are uncomfortable and will be avoided without being held accountable, and for that, you need a really good Coach.

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How to Become a Relationship Coach

If you are interested in becoming a qualified coach for couples who need guidance, there are different ways to accomplish this.

You need to be educated and trained in the art of coaching. Enroll in a premier Academy such as the Austerity Health Academy. Next, you need to receive specialized training in your specific field of interest. Relationship specialization is a great place to dive deep into learning to assist couples. But the next thing you need to ask yourself is what is your motivation for this desire.

Why do You Want to be a Relationship Coach?

Many coaches after obtaining certification and starting their business, find that they want to specialize in a specific direction. Relational coaching is exceptionally rewarding due to the nature of the job. When you are better able to communicate, you become stronger as a combined unit than they were added individually. This becomes thrilling to see and be a part of. If you can feel a calling to be instrumental in supporting couples build strong connections, welcome aboard.

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Do You Need a License to be a Relationship Coach?

This depends on your specific locale, but you need education, and certification to be taken seriously in the industry. There are no federal or state licensing boards to oversee or regulate coaching. This is great news as well as alarming news. Be sure to do your research before obtaining the services of a coach to assist you with something as valuable as your deepest relationships.

If your coach is not certified through Austerity Health Academy or at very least the ICF, consider continuing your search for the best coach available.