Life Empowerment by Austerity Health

5 Great Ways to Obtain Life Empowerment

There are times when we feel very little life empowerment like when we feel confused, lost, lack, and limited by others. Consequently, we can slowly start to lose faith in ourselves. As a result of which we get easily swayed by others’ opinions and suggestions.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Guide | Top 5 Steps

Since ancient times Intuitive energy healing has been a popular method to promote positive changes in people’s life. From Reiki in the Far East to Quantum Healing in the West, there are numerous energy healing methods in the world. However, still, each method is distinctive and completely different from others.

ask vs tell coaching and leadership

Ask vs Tell Coaching | 6 Shocking Techniques

The ability to tell the difference between ask vs tell coaching is important if you plan to be or hire a great coach. With the advancement in every sphere of life, the need for certain developmental processes has increased in almost every institution of society. Take any field of work or academic discipline; we always require guidance in order to do what we do as best as possible.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance | 7 Simple Ways to Receive it

Are You open to receiving spiritual guidance? There are times in our lives when we lose our path. However, in most cases, people live all their lives without really understanding their purpose in life. Are you living your life that way, without a purpose or meaning in life?

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Through Physical Appearance

The law of attraction through physical appearance is a subject that has been gaining momentum recently and for good reason. It is an alternate way of looking at the world around us. It encompasses energy and something else.


6 Unique Facts about Transpersonal Psychology That can Help

People rarely knew there was a religious or spiritual aspect of psychology called transpersonal psychology. But, now the real question is, why it is so important and why do we all need it?

locus of control

Locus of Control; The 2 Important Sides You Need to Know

Do you know what locus of control is? Have you ever heard someone say, I didn’t get my dream job, I guess I was just unlucky again? Possibly heard someone else say ‘the reason I get bad grades is that my teacher is always unfair to me’. If not all, then most of us, at…

Motivation is key

What is Motivation and 7 Ways to Increase it?

Motivation is a state of mind; it’s a psychological, biological, emotional, and cognitive force that can help you keep going.

Top 5 major coaching models

Top 5 Major Coaching Models Every Coach Should Know

Why is knowing the top 5 coaching models important if you plan on being a great coach, because you want to have all the best tools in your bag.

mindset; growth vs fixed

Mindset: 4 Major Differences Between Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Have you ever thought about what kind of mindset you have or the role your mindset plays in your life? Almost 90 percent of people don’t pay much attention to things like these.