What is Motivation and 7 Ways to Increase it?

Is there a big project ahead, and you spend too much of your time procrastinating? Do you not have any energy and motivation to complete your task? One of the biggest reasons people perform poorly on a task is often due to a lack of motivation.

Therefore, in this article, let’s take a quick look at motivation and how to increase it.

What is Motivation?

While there are many definitions, for this article let’s just say motivation is a state of mind; it’s a psychological, biological, emotional, and cognitive force that can help you keep going. It helps to keep a person energetic and work towards their goals.

It’s a desire that fuels a person to perform. It not only consists of factors to activate behavior, but it also involves factors that can maintain these goals and actions.

There are two types of motivation:

  • Extrinsic

Extrinsic is an external form where you receive incentive from something outside of yourself. Money is a great example of an extrinsic or external form of incentive to motivate you.

  • Intrinsic

Intrinsic is an internal form of incentive. It would be best described as the feeling you get when you do something without external reward. Like helping someone in need and it making you happy.

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Motivating loved ones

Importance of Staying Motivated

Many people don’t understand the concept and importance of motivation. Motivation is like a driving force that helps you to keep moving towards your goals. Motivation can impact in several ways.

  • It increases the efficiency of a person.
  • It encourages people to engage in productive behavior.
  • Allow people to have greater control over their lives.
  • Increases the overall well-being of a person.

Tips to Improve Motivation

If you genuinely want to be successful in life, then don’t wait for a kick start. Instead, the best way is to work on yourself and your motivation. If you look around, you can find numerous factors to motivate you.

Therefore, try to find stimuli in your environment that can help you to increase your motivation. Below are the few tips on which you can work to improve motivation.

1.     Focus More on Your Accomplishments:

One of the biggest reasons people lack motivation and procrastinate in life is that they focus more on their failures than success. People never think how far they came; instead, they are more focused on how far they are from their dreams.

Therefore, try to adopt a lifestyle where you can focus on your accomplishments and achievements. No matter how little your progress is. Always celebrate your movement.

It will ultimately have a positive impact on you and can boost your motivation. Instead of waiting to accomplish your goal, celebrate small achievements you gain during working towards your goal.

2.     Set Measurable Goals:

This point is related to the first one. People usually set challenging and long-term goals. As a result of which they did not focus on their achievements in the process. Therefore, instead of setting one big goal, you can set small and attainable goals.

You will feel more motivated and can train your brain to achieve your goals when you set measurable goals. I am not saying not to have a big dream. It’s just that when planning and setting, your goal tries to be more reasonable.

For example, if you want to lose 10 kg. Set a goal to lose 2 kg in a week as it is more reasonable.

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motivation made me do it

3.     Develop Positive Habits:

Whether you admit it, your habits and daily routine have a robust and unimaginable impact on your motivation. Your habits can keep you inspired and help in moving forward due to this reason; you are always advised to adopt healthy habits.

Develop habits like reading life coaching books or if you feel more productive in the early morning. Then try to wake up early to complete your pending tasks. The key is to develop habits that can make you happy because a happy person is more motivated than sad.

You can work with a performance coach to better recognize which new habits are best to adopt so that they can improve your own self-motivation.

4.     Face your Fears:

The biggest obstacle between you and motivation is your fear. Once you are able to conquer your fears, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. For people, it is easier to live in a casket than to go for the eulogy.

But this kind of behavior doesn’t lead to success. Therefore, never give up on your dreams because of fear. Instead, try to face your fears. You might encounter failure at first, but there comes a time when you can conquer your fears.

Conquering your fears gives you a sense of accomplishment, which is directly proportional to motivation.

5.     Turn to Gratitude:

A pessimistic attitude can never lead you to be close to success. Because all your focus is on your failure, try to adopt an optimistic behavior full of gratitude. Within a few days, you can witness its amazing effects in your life.

When you show gratitude instead of griping over every small thing you face in life, it can change your perception. You will see the world in a completely new and different angle which you have never experienced before.

Thus giving you hope and motivation to live a better life and confidence to achieve your goals.

6.     Take Help from Psychological Factors:

Factors like our confidence, self-esteem, and motivation are strongly affected by psychological factors. Therefore, by working on one’s psychological state, we can improve all three.

For example, numerous studies concluded that by surrounding yourself with the color green can be invigorating, motivating, and can improve creativity. Another easy thing to remember is to always talk to yourself positively. Don’t think about yourself with a negative point-of-view.

Moreover, there are many other factors, like doing a power pose can also improve how motivated one feels. Or try to eat foods like chocolate, which can increase dopamine production to feel more motivated.

7.     Improve your Confidence:

The last tip we have in our bucket is to improve your confidence. Low confidence is also a cause of poor or low-level motivation. Therefore, work on your confidence. Improving your confidence is not much difficult.

There are numerous tips and techniques to improve confidence. Confidence is directly associated with motivation. Thus by developing confidence, one can ultimately increase confidence.

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Parting Words

Motivation is a driving force that helps a person achieve their goals. There are several ways to increase motivation and excel in life, find what works for you, and use it. Be sure you always try to help others get and stay motivated as well.

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