The 8 Best Coaching Techniques You Should be Using

Who needs the best coaching techniques? Considering the fact that everyone wants to be healed, but there are only a few people that want to be a healer. It is an easy job to explain your situation and worriers to others to find a solution. Then to actually listen to someone else’s story to guide them.

However, many people think it doesn’t require any skill or talent to be a coach. Sorry to burst your bubble folk because being a coach is a great deal. Not anyone can be a coach.

Certain qualities should be present in you to be an effective coach. Keep in mind I am talking about an effective coach, not just any coach. If you are looking for some effective coaching techniques, then you are in the right place. Keep scrolling the article to find your answer.

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8 Best Coaching Techniques

Here are the eight best life coaching techniques:

Coaching Technique #1 Listening:

It may sound weak and humble, but in reality, it is the most powerful tool of an effective coach. Why? Because if you don’t listen to your clients, you won’t be able to find the root of their problem. And consequently, you cannot suggest an effective solution.

 Encourage your clients to talk about their situation in detail. And keep in mind not to interrupt them in between for an effective coaching session. According to the GROW model, there are four levels of listening:

  • Attentive listening
  • Accurate listening
  • Empathic listening
  • Generative listening

Choose the level of listening based on the condition and situation of your client and deal with then accordingly.

Coaching Technique #2 Questioning:

Sometimes listening to the story or situation of your client, you might not be able to grab the situation. Therefore, once you are done with listening to your clients, ask them questions. When they give you an answer, it can clear the situation in a much better way.

But keep in mind to ask an open-ended question, only then your client will be able to explain his or her opinion in detail. And to find the solution, their opinion matters a lot.

For example, if someone came for a family coaching guide, you cannot prescribe an effective solution without understanding the situation.

Coaching Technique #3 Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is the ability or capability of a person to understand the emotions and feelings of others. A coach should be someone who scores high in emotional intelligence. You cannot expect to heal others when you don’t even understand their problems.

A coach should have the skills and abilities to calm his clients and understand their emotions. How coaches like a dating coach for men or parental coaches can give you a solution when they don’t understand your feelings.

Keep in mind that the core of coaching is understanding others’ emotions and then give them solutions that are acceptable to them. 

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Coaching Technique #4 Set SMART Goals:

Another excellent technique for effective coaching is the ability to set SMART goals. SMART goals mean specific, measurable, accurate, reliable, and time-bound goals. As a coach, you should set SMART goals in each session.

And in the next session, keep a record of how good or bad your client performs on these goals. In this way, not only can you provide a solution to their problems, but you will also be able to see the progress of your client.

Therefore, where it is necessary, you can guide them. And if one solution is not right for them, you can also suggest something else.

Coaching Technique #5 Building Trust:

For a coach, they should have a trustworthy and honest appearance and aura. A person can never explain his problem to someone who seems to be dishonest. Or to a person that doesn’t sound compassionate.

Make sure to win the trust of your client first. Only then can your clients explain everything openly and without any fear. There are certain tricks that you can follow to build the reputation of a trustworthy person.

First of all, work on your body language. Use the right tone of your voice and appropriate gestures. Besides, when asking about their problem, always sound compassionate and warm. And lastly, always sit facing towards your client and encourage them with a smile.

Coaching Technique #6 Be Non-Judgmental:

This is one of the most basic rules and techniques of coaching. You should always remain non-judgmental. Listen to the problems of a client without having your own opinion or without judging them.

It is not your duty to judge them or give your opinion to their situation. But your job is to provide them with an unbiased solution. Therefore, always remain neutral till the very end.

This is a little tricky technique, and sometimes being a human, you may be prone to make mistakes. But you have to keep one thing in mind that different people have a different opinion, and you cannot judge anyone based on their beliefs and values.

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Coaching Technique #7 Be Fully Focused:

As human beings, we all face ups and downs in life, and coaches are no exception. However, when you sit for a coaching session, leave all your problems and worries outside the door. Sit in the session, fully focused, and attentive.

When a session starts, your client should be your priority, and you should give your hundred percent to your client. Give yourself five minutes of break before each session to refresh your thoughts and calm yourself.

Coaching Technique #8 Give Feedback:

Lastly, you should keep a record or follow-up on your clients. In case you cannot keep a record of their progress, how can you understand whether they made an improvement or not.

Moreover, keeping a record is not enough; you should also provide them constructive feedback. Feedback is the best way to see an improvement in someone. If you give the clients feedback then they will strive to perform best next time.

Keep in mind that your feedback should be:

  • Honest
  • Emphatic
  • Neutral
  • Specific
  • And accurate

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Wrap Up

Not everyone should be a coach. You need to possess skills and techniques to be an effective coach. There are numerous coaching techniques as well as coaching models. But before looking into the small and detailed techniques, be sure to master the top 8. If you can become effective at the 8 methods listed above, you have a strong opportunity to become a sought after leader and coach.