Unique Bucket List Ideas | 25 Must-Do Things to do Before you Die

Bucket list ideas are the ideas or goals which we want to achieve in our lives. We all know that we had a limited time on Earth, and death is the biggest reality of life. Therefore, it’s a great idea to truly live our lives for once before leaving this world.

Therefore, in this article, we will go over a list of unique bucket list ideas (25 must-do things to do before you die) to make your life worth living.

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Unique Bucket List Ideas

Here is the Austerity Health list of 25 things you must do before you die. Keep in mind if you have a great idea that didn’t make it to this list add it to your own bucket list ideas.

1.     Explore the Ancient Ruins of Petra in Jordan:

The rose-colored sandstone tucked away in a mesmerizing way in southern Jordan makes Petra a fabulous site to start your bucket list from here. This UNESCO World Heritage site is welcoming travelers for centuries with its ornate facades and classical architecture.

Moreover, for some magical and awe-inspiring experience, visit Siq, a dramatic natural gorge. In three days of a week, visitors can attend Petra at night, where more than 1500 candles are lit from Siq to Treasury.

However, the daytime visit of this extraordinary Nabataean city has its own charm and magic.

2.     Experience Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia:

Don’t miss fulfilling your dream of flying high in the sky like balloons. Enjoy out of the ordinary view of Cappadocia from the sky while sitting in a colorful balloon. Cappadocia is famous among travelers as fairy chimneys. It earned this title due to its fantastic rock formation, troglodyte dwellings, and rolling vineyards.

Therefore, experiencing hot air balloons that dotted the sky with colors is just amazing. Besides, the orange fires of sunrise or sunset is a big plus making your experience an unforgettable one.

3.     Walk the Great Wall of China:

How can anyone forget the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world? Snaking across the dusty hills in northern China, the Great Wall is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Previously built to prevent attracts of the Chinese Empire now, this wall is immensely popular among tourists.

You will surely be blown away by its up and down series of fortifications that stretch from Shanhaiguan to Lop Lake in Gobi Desert. It will take a day to visit its battlements, hawkers, and less visited tourist attractions.

Once you walk the wall, you will find it difficult to believe that it was made only by human efforts.

4.     Get a Fish Pedicure:

Let’s add something fun and out of the ordinary to your bucket list ideas. For the past few years, fish pedicures are gaining popularity and are becoming the center of attention. So, why not add it to your list of 25 must things to do before you die.

With the immense increase in its popularity, the fish pedicure parlor is popping up in almost all famous tourist spots. Soak your feet in a tank filled with water and fishes to get nibbled on. Not only can it give you immense pleasure, but it is also famous for eczema and other skin disorders.

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5.     Backpack across At Least 10 Locations:

There is no other travel experience like backpacking. Not only is it budget-friendly and low cost but comes with a good sense of freedom. With the sharp increase in budget airlines and hostel businesses, backpacking has become a lifestyle.

Take a break of at least six months from your routine life and backpack across the world. You will experience the world from an entirely different angle, which will help boost your self-esteem. You can select places which you always want to travel to. 

6.     Go on a Road Trip:

Many people confuse it with backpacking, but both are entirely different experiences with their own charm and magic. Instead of traveling by airplane, opt for a road trip journey in an automobile.

No, it’s not tiring; on the contrary, it is full of fun, excitement, and adventure, especially with your loved ones and friends. A long, non-stop journey with your best people and in the presence of your favorite music, is not it sounds magical and just amazing.

If you want to see the world from a different perspective and not from usual ordinary glasses, you should go on a road trip.

7.     Learn a New Skill:

Don’t waste your time living an ordinary life; instead, try something unique and different. Perhaps learn a new skill and introduce to the world a new and improved version of you. Learning a new skill is exciting, but it also has a positive impact on your confidence.

Which skill you want to learn, it all depends on your personal taste and preference. You can learn cooking, baking, instrument playing, painting, martial arts, sculpturing, dance are among the few options. Learning a new skill can also improve your self-image and bring more discipline in your life.

8.     Do Public Speaking:

One of the biggest fears of people is public speaking, even ranked higher than death. Therefore, it must be a part of your unique bucket list to conquer your fear before you die. Don’t worry if you shatter or shiver at the start. Never let yourself down due to fears of being judged or saying the wrong thing.

Once you speak in front of a crowd, you will be introduced to a new self and will feel proud. Addressing a large crowd means working your body language, communication, and, most importantly, sharing your message with the masses.

9.     Plant a Tree and Watch it Grow:

Trees can live even after you die, and it is one of the best gifts you can give to the world. Besides, planting a tree and watching it grow is just like seeing your child grow. A tree offers numerous benefits of trees, such as fruit and shadow, and purifies the air.

Besides, trees cool the Earth’s temperature, provide us oxygen, and prevent soil erosion. Generally, it takes more than 10 to 20 years for a plant to become a tree. And the best thing is it’s like doing a good deed that will exist in the world even after you leave the world.

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More Great Bucket List Ideas

10. See the Northern Lights:

In the past, people believed that northern lights are heavenly spirits or magic. However, it is a display of natural light at high latitude places and is also known as Aurora Borealis. But despite what all the scientists explain it is not less than a magical experience.

The famous places to witness this heavenly phenomenon are Norway, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Scotland, and Sweden. It is such a magnificent sight to behold that you will instantly fall in love with it at first sight. Colorful lights usually green in color dancing on the sky full of stars is something just magical and cannot be explained in words.

11. Experience a Sunrise/Sunset:

In your unique bucket list ideas, you should add some natural and unique experiences like watching a sunset or sunrise. Sunset or sunrise is one of the most beautiful gifts of Mother Nature. And the best thing is they are free.

To witness a breathtaking sunset or sunrise search for the best places to view sunrise/sunset. You will find numerous spots to see this ball of fire rising on the sky by spreading its golden rays in the sky or setting in the west in the evening, spreading its mesmerizing orange, red hues to give the whole place a surreal view.

12. Travel All Around the World:

Traveling is nearly on every person’s bucket list and is the best activity to expose yourself to new cultures and broaden your minds. Traveling holds much more than you think. It is not only exploring new places but also includes meeting new people and experiencing wonders of the world. Do your bucket list ideas include travel?

You can either search for the best traveling places around the world or make your own list of the places you want to travel to. In any case, the choice is yours. Traveling is like a transition coach that will help you to move from one phase of life to another.

13. Go Scuba Diving / Snorkeling:

Always add some adventurous activities in your bucket list you love to do. We spend all our lives on land and are familiar with the creatures living on it. But what about the world undersea and the animals living there.

Go scuba diving or snorkeling to have a closer look at the marine animals, feel them, and experience the vastness of an ocean personally. Don’t miss an opportunity to swim with dolphins, one of the most loved creatures on Earth. But make sure to visit marine life in an eco-friendly manner.

14. Trek the Inca Trail:

Machu Picchu is undoubtedly among the few wonders made by a man. This famous trek is present in South America and is considered as the top 5 treks in the world. Its starting point is at Chillca and leads all the way to the Machu Picchu.

Only a limited number of trekkers can go; therefore, you need to book it in advance. Inca trail is magical, mysterious, and unbelievable, thus making it 25 must-know things to do before you die.

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15. See Cherry Blossoms in Japan:

Japan is famous for its cherry blossoms, where light pink shade soft petals are slowly gathering on the branches giving the whole country a new spirit and magical appearance. There is a tradition of viewing flowers called hanami in Japan.

People love to watch transition in the natural beauty of flowers, usually cherry blossoms called ‘sakura.’ Not only Japanese but also people from all around the world visit Japan in the spring season to catch the bloom of the sakura. 

16. Explore the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador:

The site to must-see is present in the Pacific Ocean at about 650 miles west from Ecuador Galapagos Island. This place is fully packed with animals, plants, and terrain; this place can inspire anyone like Charles Darwin for his first theories of evolution.

The best thing is, each island will reveal new species of animals from giant tortoise to canoodling waved albatrosses and lumbering land iguanas to Darwin finches. Moreover, all of these play a vital role in the workshops of evolution.

17. Bungee Jumping in New Zealand:

Your unique bucket list cannot be completed without some adrenaline push. Thus, add jumping off from a bridge with a bungee attached to your feet. At AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand, they offer four different heights options according to your comfort level.

If you are not into bungee jumping, you can also go for two different swings. As a reminder, bungee jumping needs a strong stomach and nerves of steel. However, it is an unforgettable experience that can give you a story for life.

18. Relax in the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs in Iceland:

Recently, the milky-blue hot waters of Blue Lagoons have gained a lot of attention from travelers all around the world. Travelers love to float in the mineral-rich waters to gain several reputed skin benefits.

Besides, these are best to spend some relaxing time while ducking into a cave holding a beverage in hand. This is no less than a dream-like experience. Your visit to Iceland cannot be completed without paying a visit to Blue Lagoons.

19. Volunteer Working:

Apart from fulfilling your wishes, you must do something for humanity with a good purpose. Thus the best way to serve humanity is by volunteering. Help others without expecting anything in return, free of cost just to put a smile on others’ faces.

There is nothing more exciting than making someone else smile. There are several ways to volunteer; you can choose the option which is feasible for you. You can volunteer at an orphanage and have a good time with kids. Besides, you can also volunteer at a hospice and help people provide emotional and spiritual support.

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Inspired Bucket List Ideas

20. Bed Down in An Igloo in Canada:

This is unlike a common travel bucket list item, but it surely has a one-of-a-kind experience. A series of igloo lies in the rolling hills and vast stretches of tundra in Quebec. In the past, these doomed shelters were built to safeguard people from hunters and protect from cold.

However, now they are welcoming adventure seekers from around the globe to have a different night experience than usual. Experience caribou stew and frozen arctic char while listening to the sound of kids’ throat singing in the flickering lamp before falling asleep.

21. Eat Gelato in Rome:

This unique bucket list item is especially for all foodies. Italian cuisines are famous all around the world. And whether you had visited Italy before or not, you must have tasted Italian cuisines somewhere. But! There is no taste, like ice cream in Rome.

Over the last few years, they had upped their gelatin game by using the finest ingredients like lemons from Amalfi, pistachio from Sicily to create the tastiest ice creams in the world. They had most outlandish flavors.

22. Cliff Walk in China:

Do you wish to experience one of the most dangerous and deadliest walks in the world? Go for a cliff walk in China that is considered the most dangerous activity idea in the world. During all your hike, you will constantly remind yourself to remain calm as it will end.

This adventurous hike is built at the side of cliffs where you have to walk on a narrow path of steel ladders. You have only two wires for a safety purpose that will keep you from falling if you have the guts and are mentally strong, you should try this.

23. See the Big Five in the Wild:

There is no other safari experience like the one in South Africa. You will be blown away with this amazing experience of coming face-to-face with the big five of the wild. This is not like your local zoo experience but is much more majestic and full of wow factor.

You will ultimately lose the count of how many animals you have witnessed here. Elephants, leopards, lions, water buffalos, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, pangolin, warthogs, wildebeest, chameleons, and hyenas are to a name few. And of course, how can we forget about cheetahs.

24. Bathe in the Dead Sea:

Another unique thing to do is to take a bath in the Dead Sea. In reality, it is not an ocean, but a big salt lake, and that is what makes it special. The presence of 34 percent of salinity is the factor that helps you to float on its surface.

For some extra fun, cover yourself in the mud because the high amount of salt will start to irritate your skin quickly. The fin fact is when you sand on its shore; it is also the lowest point on Earth’s face.

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25. Send a Message in a Bottle:

We will close our bucket list by sending a message to someone in a bottle. You can either send a message to your loved ones or to any stranger you want to send to put a smile on their faces.

Send some uplifting messages that can bring a smile on their faces. Besides, you can also thank people for being a part of your life and making it so special.

Here is a Bonus Bucket List Idea

26. Become a Life Coach:

Helping others is a great way to give back and to feel fulfilled as a human being. Becoming a life coach means you are interested in the lives of others and are willing to assist them in their personal journey.

It doesn’t matter if you become a life coach professionally or as a hobby only for your family and friends. Guidance is a welcome gift, offer it to others, and accept it from those who have gone before you.

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Best Bucket List Idea is Get Out There and Live

In the end, we will all die, but what we do between the time we are born, and that fateful day is up to us. Do more, try more, and check off the items from your bucket list. Be sure and add new items every day to your list and share your unique Bucket List ideas with those closest to you.