6 Surprising Benefits of Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual psychology! What is this supposed to be? I have never heard anything about this before.” This is the common reaction of the people when you ask them about spiritual psychology. People do know about spirituality and psychology but only separately.

Many have thought that spirituality itself is enough. However, without paying attention to one’s spiritual path, your wellbeing can be prone to spiritual narcissism, spiritual materialism, denial, and avoidance. Thus, in order to keep our spiritual path straight, we need an element of psychology and healing in it as well.  

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What is Spiritual Psychology?

Spiritual psychology is a combination of spirituality and psychology. It is a relatively new branch of psychology that goes one step ahead of conventional psychology. Usually, the focus of psychology is on a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

However, with the advent of spiritual psychology, it also includes the study of the spiritual aspects of a human. Spiritual psychology helps you to understand who you are. Thus, you will be able to enjoy immense love, harmony, joy, and peace while fully accepting yourself. 

It is also known as transpersonal psychology because it moves beyond personal limits into the metaphysical world. Spiritual psychology functions on a principle that a person can perform well and can feel harmony when his mind, body, and spirit are in good condition.

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Importance of Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual psychology is very important for the healing of a fractured soul and spirit. However, many people still don’t understand the fact that why spiritual psychology is so important? And why should they help from a spiritual psychologist?

Just like your body or mind goes from a period of crisis the same way, sometimes, your spirit also goes through a crisis. And thus, it needs healing because a spiritual crisis is an upsetting event that has a robust impact on your life, including your personal as well as professional life.

Generally, a person going through a spiritual crisis does not understand what is going on and thus feels stuck and confused. Therefore, spiritual psychology or spiritual life coaching or counseling help him at this point. It not only strengthens their beliefs but also helps them to break the wall of confusion and move forward in life with an optimistic approach.

Spirit psychology helps a person to gain their lost energies, gather shatter pieces of their souls or spirit, and face the realities of life while fully understanding who they are. Sometimes traditional psychological methods are not enough to help people who are feeling depressed and sad.

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How to Bring Spiritual Psychology in your Life

The good news about spiritual psychology is, everyone can bring it in their lives with little effort. Now there is so much material available on spiritual psychology you can get help from them. If you are a beginner, you can read the beginners’ guide to spirituality to learn more about it.

However, in this part of the article, we will explain four excellent ways you can use to bring spirituality in your lives. These includes:

·        Keep Asking ‘Why?’

One of the best ways to repair your soul or protect it from damage is to keep asking yourself why. This may sound a simple question, but once you incorporate it into your life, you will understand its importance.

It will keep you enlightening on why you are doing something and what is the purpose of it. Moreover, it can help you to overcome your obstacles in life. Besides, the most significant benefit of asking why it is will protect you from delusions and keep your thought process clear.

·        Always Protect your Inner Child:

We always hear that there is an inner child in everyone one of us. However, most people forget this in their busy lives. But never forget to take care of your inner child and build a good relationship with him because he can help you to feel curious, vulnerable, and in awe of existence.

Don’t abandon your inner child as it will result in spiritual bypassing. Keep in mind that spirituality can help you to solidify yourself in a static, dogmatic, and a black or white way of living when having a wounded spiritual child.

·        Explore your Shadow Self:

It is a little difficult to explore one’s shadow self. However, if you do this, you will never indulge in your life in darkness. Because it can help you to avoid pain and darkness through spirituality, and thus it results in blind faith and spiritual narcissism.

Try to explore yourself more, ask a question to yourself, and try to find your hidden motive. It’s like finding the purpose of your existence. If you successfully did this, you will never feel wounded or unhappy in your life.

·        Use Psychological Practice:

Lastly, you need to create a balance in your life. For this, you must assess your current path. Try to learn about the spiritual practices you do every day, as well as psychological practices. It will give you an answer about which one you do more often and is your favorite.

Usually, people are practicing more spirituality like yoga, meditation, reiki, or visualization in their daily life. Therefore, if you are also one of them, try to add more psychological practices in your life. There are many psychological practices, and you can choose the one which you like most. 

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Benefits of Spiritual Psychology

There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by practicing spiritual psychology in your life. Some of the surprising yet essential benefits include:

  1. Spiritual psychology greatly helps with the healing of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional trauma.
  2. Besides, it helps with uniting your heart and mind.
  3. It gives you the courage to move through the dark phase of your life.
  4. Moreover, it provides you a direction to understand the phenomena of a lost soul.
  5. Spirit psychology also helps with living a holistic lifestyle.
  6. Lastly, it will help you to gain access to your true nature.

Final Thought

Spiritual psychology helps you to understand your inner self and thus help with the healing of your souls and spirit. However, it is not like traditional psychology, but one step ahead of it. Everyone can practice spiritual psychology in their daily lives and can enjoy its amazing benefits.