4 Important Things to Look for in a Career Change Coach

A career change coach has been a well-kept secret. Have you ever thought about changing your career? According to multiple websites, not only does nearly one out of every three people want to change their career, but the average person will change careers 5-7 times in their lifetime. While there are many reasons why people want to change their careers, this will help you decide if a coach can help you.

Let us not get into this debate. Because for now, our focus is on a career change coach. Although dissatisfied with their job, people have no intact plan or motivation to transfer from one career to another because it requires a lot of guts and courage.

However, taking help from a career change coach can ease the process for you and increase the chances of success.

What is a Career Change Coach?

A career change coach is like a career coach, but he is a professional who can help you with changing your career. He is specially trained to help clients with the transition in their careers.

Usually, this type of coaching comes in handy after a layoff or reduction in the task force. He was thus helping employees to find a career suitable for them. Keep in mind that he will not find a job or a perfect career for you; instead, he can help you find your dream job.

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What to Look for in a Career Change Coach?

Changing a career is a big decision; therefore, when choosing your coach, you must understand your requirements and what you want from a coach. Here are a few things to look for in a career change coach.

●       Check their Qualification and Credentials:

One of the most important things to investigate a career change coach is their qualification and credential. There are not any regulations in the coaching industry as a result of which anyone can call himself a coach.

Therefore, you must check whether a person is eligible to be a coach with all the necessary qualifications or not. Always look for their professional credentials.

●       Learn about their Success Stories:

People usually confuse it with qualifications. However, it is entirely different from qualification because it can explain their experience and track record. There are many other coaches like performance coaching or success coach, which is closely related to career coaching.

Thus, by learning their experience, you can get an idea of whether they provide help with career change coaching or not.

●       Approaches and Methodologies:

Not every approach or methodology works for you. Therefore, when deciding a career change coach for yourself, have a look at what kind of approaches they are using.

Usually, a good coach uses several methodologies and tailored them according to the needs of their clients.

●       Chemistry and Fit:

Sometimes a coach fulfills all the above requirements, but still, he is not fit for you. Why? Because coaching is an intimidating process, and there must be chemistry between a coach and a client for a successful relationship.

Thus, choose a coach that has the same beliefs, goals, and ambitions as you.

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What is the role of a career coach?

The role is to assist their clients with the process of changing careers. To help them before, during and after the change. It is to make the choice and transition in positions as easy as possible, so the stress of change is minimal.

How do I choose a career coach?

The best way to choose a career coach is through word of mouth. Talk to a community of coaches and aspiring coaches like the Austerity Health Facebook Group. Ask questions so you can get a feel for the personality and point of view of the possible coaches. The key is to find a fit. You and your coach should be a fit with each other, there should be no awkwardness, embarrassment, or hesitation between the two of you.

Do I need a career coach?

Ask yourself if you are at ease with the prospect of changing careers. Are you being forced to change careers, due to downsizing, or layoffs? Is the change a welcome or dreaded occurrence? If you are not excited about the change, then having a career change coach to give you the support you need is a great idea.

How do I change my career with no idea?

Simple, get a career change coach. They will walk you through the process of figuring out what your skills and talents are. They also help you identify your passions that will allow you to feel like what out do isn’t even working. They can also give you career options or jobs, and positions you didn’t even know existed. They will be an invaluable resource in your quest to change careers.