Why Transformational Coaching is so Important

What is transformational coaching anyway? The term transformation has been very overused as of late. When that happens, words begin to lose their meaning. Such is the case with transformation. Transformation means to change significantly in a profound manner. So those looking for coaching that will profoundly change their lives want a Transformation Coach.

What is Transformational Coaching?

Quite simply, transformation coaching is very similar to life coaching. It involves assisting clients in the process of bettering their lives. Bettering their sense of self as well by bringing about desired and necessary changes. However, instead of just changing how clients act or behave. Transformational coaching clients work on changing the way they see themselves.

What does a Transformational Coach do?

A qualified transformational advisor or coach can be defined as coaching that “…involves interactions with a qualified advisor for the purpose of increasing effectiveness, performance, personal and professional development, and growth.” This accurately describes all forms of coaching; there is seriously no form of coaching that does not endeavor to increase a person’s effectiveness, performance, development, or growth.

There is a second definition I see often posted on the internet. “The art of helping people enhance their personal and professional effectiveness in manners they know intuitively helped.” Again, this is a general description of all forms of coaching. The definition that best describes it I believe is the following. “The art or act of assisting in the altering of thoughts, beliefs, and actions of the client in an effort to increase their overall performance as a role model worthy human.”

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Do I need a Transformational Coach?

If you have any desire to become better at what you do, who you are, or how you see yourself. You could benefit from the services of a trained transformational life coach. Much like food, everyone should have an accountability mentor. To be sure they are growing in the proper ways and learning the correct lessons in life. If you endeavor to be more than you are investigating the field of coaching as a vehicle for transformation.

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How to Become a Transformational Coach

If you have a calling to help others in a very profound manner, you should research the career of coaching. If you are looking for a specific specialization and have not yet decided, dive deep into transformation. Check out this to learn more about how to build a Superstar Coaching Business. or to get certified by the best online life coach certification program, check out the Austerity Health Academy. Also, be sure to join the AH community to see and feel the difference a really good life coaching resource makes.