Mindset: 4 Major Differences Between Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Have you ever thought about what kind of mindset you have or the role your mindset plays in your life? Almost 90 percent of people don’t pay much attention to things like these. But the surprising thing is, it’s your mindset which determines your quality of life.

According to a famous author Carol Dweck, your views or beliefs have a substantial impact on how you live your life. Therefore, in this article, we will will look closely at the two types; growth vs. fixed. Keep reading unless you need help with how to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs.

Growth Mindset

As its name indicates, a growth mindset believes that you can develop new skills and qualities throughout your life. With a little hard work, you can easily develop new skills and improve existing ones.

People with a growth mindset believe that they can become smarter and intelligent if they put some effort.

Fixed Mindset

A fixed is the exact opposite of a growth state of mind in which there is a firm belief that a person’s qualities and traits are fixed. People with a fixed mindset never try to improve their traits; instead, their sole focus is on documenting them.

Fixed works on the strict philosophy of either you have it or you don’t have it; there is no in-between. 

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Key Differences between Growth and Fixed Mindset

The differences in behaviors are actually due to these differences in mindset. Thus, have a quick look at the main differences between the two.

  1. The main focus of the growth state of mind is on putting efforts to grow and excel. On the other hand, people with a fixed state of mind want to be complimented for their intelligence.
  2. People with fixed are unable to deal with failures, whereas the growth always sees an opportunity in failures.
  3. Those with a growth perspective love to try new things, unlike people with a fixed perspective.
  4. People with a position of growth are more open to feedback than people with a belief of a fixed position.

Strategies to Develop a Belief in Growth

It is much more desirable as it helps a person to grow and develop new traits and qualities. This can be aided by getting help from a mindset coach. Moreover, here are a few tips to develop yours.

·        Accept your Weaknesses:

Try to understand where you lack and what your weaknesses are. Be honest with yourself and openly accept your weaknesses. But, don’t stop there. The next step is to work on the areas of weakness you have control over. Don’t be too hard on yourself just try to make little improvements and look for ways to turn your weakness into a strength. 

·        See Challenges As Opportunities:

There are hidden opportunities in every challenge. Therefore, never be afraid of your challenges. Don’t think of them as negative things happening to you, rather as opportunities to become better and stronger. Try very hard to accept challenges with an open mind and heart. Accepting challenges is an important part of growth.

·        Focus on Process:

The common reason why people lose interest and never develop new skills is that they focus too heavily on the result. If you want to improve your growth mindset think about the journey, the struggle, the opportunity to accomplish something new every day. You will find happiness if instead of focusing on results you try to focus on the process. Live in the moment.

·        Be Open to Feedback:

Always positively take feedback and try to improve where it is needed. This is much harder to do than to know. Constructive feedback is an excellent way to improve your perspective on life. It is a way to become better in ways you may not have even realized existed.

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Parting Thoughts

Your mind and the way it is set determines your way of life. A belief that you are capable of growth is always preferable as it provides more opportunities for development. Allow yourself to grow even with the growing pains, it will be worth it in the end.