Empowerment Coach | 5 Shocking Things Others Won’t Tell You

Understanding the definition of an empowerment coach is the first step in exploring this coaching model. Empowerment refers to the process of improving one’s life through fostering feelings of strength and confidence. It truly focuses on the feelings of improvement and elevation of one’s current state of living.

When empowerment is the focus of the coaching model, the coach works with the client to understand their current level of functioning to create a baseline to measure the client’s growth across sessions. The emphasis of the following sessions is on various skills and mindset exercises that can move the client along that continuum of empowerment.

The first thing an empowerment coach looks at is a client’s potential limiting beliefs. When people feel confused and lost as to why what they always did is no longer working, they may be using an outdated or outmoded belief system. That is when the beliefs no longer work or serve the same function they once did. This is usually caused by a paradigm shift that typically goes unnoticed. To learn more about how to replace your limiting beliefs, get unstuck, and make life make sense again check out all the free informative downloads here: Free Resources for Limiting Beliefs.

What is an Empowerment Coach?

A personal coach is exactly as it sounds, a coach or mentor that the client brings alongside themselves in their journey. While coaches are often not seen as a long-term tool, they do assess various aspects of the journey, even those that have not yet been ventured.

A trained personal coach works to form an alliance with their client, becomes their biggest advocate, and supports them through all aspects of life and business that can hinder or enhance success. Personal coaching is a popular career and necessary field with powerful programs to help clients. One such specialized type of personal coach is an empowerment coach.

Top Online Empowerment Coaching

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What is an Empowerment Coach and What do they do?

Personal empowerment coaching encompasses both aspects of the above coaching models. They use their personal coaching skills to understand the deepest aspects of their client’s lives. So they can fully understand the mental blocks and life experiences that are hindering their feelings of empowerment. From there, they utilize their empowerment coaching skills to move the client towards those desired feelings of power, strength, and confidence to take on the challenges of life.

This is a highly individualized model that is unique for each client, as no two people have the same life circumstances and mental perspectives. Therefore, the coach will work with the client to tailor a plan to specifically meet the goals and needs of the client to move them towards the desired feelings while utilizing various techniques to remove mental blocks and improve the emotional function of the client from session to session.

What is a Self Empowerment Coach?

This is simply another name for an empowerment coach. They help their clients with self-empowerment in the very same way as do all other specializations in empowerment coaching.

Should You Become a Personal Empowerment Coach?

Only you can truly know the answer to this. Have you always wanted to help others but have never known how? Or, perhaps you are the kind of person to who others always turn in times of need for your natural sense of optimism and support? If this sounds like you, then personal empowerment coaching may be an option for you. However, remember that there are many forms of coaching that you can consider. Be sure to check the other coaching guides (HERE) to see which is the best fit for you.

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Why People Want an Empowerment Coach.

Hiring a qualified personal empowerment coach can be extremely helpful for someone who feels stagnant in life, and can be a game-changer for an entrepreneur looking for a deeper drive to improve their performance. Essentially, anyone who is unhappy with their current emotional state that would like to make a positive change towards feelings of greater power and well-being may want to consider hiring a trained empowerment coach.

The Difference Between Life Coaching and Empowerment Coaching.

Life coaching is an encompassing field of which a personal empowerment coach would be considered a sub-set of specialization. Some life coaches are in fact trained in empowerment techniques, but it is often not the focus on their business. However, a personal empowerment coach would bring sessions back to this focus on the client’s life. Continuing to ensure the client moves towards greater feelings of empowerment. Similarly, empowerment coaches should have many of the fundamental skills that life coaches have. Allowing them to successfully create a trusting relationship, assess progress, foster change, and meet the goals established by the client.

The Essential Skills You Need to be an Empowerment Coach.

To keep this article on point, I will suggest you look further into the fundamental coaching skills guide (Here). However, here are a few key concepts that stand out in the development of a skilled empowerment coach beyond your necessary coaching skills of communication, rapport building, and goal planning.

  1. A true desire to help others achieve their goals. If you are just considering this field for financial gains, don’t even try. A lack of authenticity will be felt by your clients and your reputation will be ruined throughout the coaching field. However, if you genuinely want to help people or find yourself regularly doing it for people in your life, you are already on your way to a successful empowerment coaching journey.
  2. Strong listening skills. As an empowerment coach, you will often have to track complex and sometimes traumatic life experiences. Being able to follow what the client is saying and pick up the meaning behind these details will be essential for empowering the client.
  3. An understanding attitude. While one can never fully understand where a client is coming from, a strong sense of empathy and genuine concern for the client’s well-being is a true asset in this field.

Empowerment Coach Salary

What does an empowerment coach make? This depends on many things. First, marketing efforts will determine the salary earned. If you are unsuccessful in attracting the right clients, your income will suffer. Next, what you charge will impact your salary. This will also tie in with your marketing efforts. If you don’t charge enough, people will not see the value in your coaching. However, charging too much without the ability to justify that cost could drive your prospects away as well. Price setting is a highly personal aspect of coaching and should be something that you are fully comfortable promoting. The more comfortable you are the price you set, and the more comfortable you will be promoting it to potential clients.

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How to Become a Certified Personal Empowerment Coach?

There are no certification requirements to call oneself an empowerment coach, or any other subset of life coaching. This is awesome because it lowers the barriers for those with a real passion for helping others. Giving them the opportunity to start their coaching business immediately.

However, there are many fraudulent “certification” programs that exist, so buyers beware. That is where Austerity Health Academy hopes to make the biggest impact, by raising the bar within the field. While you can start at any time, we encourage you to seek the highest quality training in the industry.

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Get Certified as an Empowerment Coach

Are you ready to be a self-empowerment coach or an empowerment coach for someone else?

If so, congratulations as you embark on your new career! If you need help finding a reputable trainer or coach please contact us. Be sure to check out these free resources to guide you along your path.