life coaching questions

The 7 Illuminating Life Coaching Questions Great Coaches Need to Ask

The best way to find the root cause of any problem, and to solve it is through clarity. And to your surprise, this is what a good coaching session does for its clients. By asking important life coaching questions, a coach gives you clarity; thus allowing you to think out of the box to find answers.

locus of control

Locus of Control; The 2 Sides You Need to Know

Do you know what locus of control is? Have you ever heard someone say, I didn’t get my dream job, I guess I was just unlucky again? Possibly heard someone else say ‘the reason I get bad grades is that my teacher is always unfair to me’. If not all, then most of us, at…

career change coach

4 Important Things to Look for in a Career Change Coach

Nearly one out of every three people, want to change their career, but the average person will change careers 5-7 times in their lifetime. While there are many reasons why people want to change their careers, this will help you decide if a coach can help you.

bucket list

Unique Bucket List Ideas | 25 Must-Do Things to do Before you Die

Bucket lists are the ideas or goals which we want to achieve in our lives. We all know that we had a limited time on Earth, and death is the biggest reality of life. Therefore, it’s a great idea to truly live our lives for once before leaving this world.

life coaching

3 Very Important Life Counseling Objectives

To fully understand what life counseling is, we need to understand why it is necessary. There are times in our lives when we experience a crossroads. At these times, we often have no clue what the future holds for us and what path we should take at that time. Consequently, this uncertainty can result in mental issues like depression, anxiety, and stress.

Online Course Creation

The 8 Steps to Creating an Online Course That Makes You Money

You can make money with an online course with a commitment of time, a little knowledge, and a small investment of some money. Online course creation has become technologically easier in the last few years while the market has grown.

communication coach

10 Powerful Reasons to Hire a Communication Coach

Communication is the medium through which we express our feelings, thoughts, and ideas. But what if you don’t know how to communicate your point of view clearly? Are you just one of the unlucky ones? Not if you utilize the skills and efforts of a communication coach? Poor communication skills can be the biggest hurdle…

Motivation is key

What is Motivation and 7 Ways to Increase it?

Motivation is a state of mind; it’s a psychological, biological, emotional, and cognitive force that can help you keep going.

looking at ones self

5 Extremely Easy Tips for Self Coaching

You are your own worst enemy, and your own best friend. Learn to coach yourself and become unstoppable.

Course creation on a budget

How to Create an Online Course on a Budget | in 9 Steps

Here are 9 simple steps to creating a course on a budget, it does not matter if it is a tight budget or a fat one. Follow these steps to success.