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Intimacy coach certification from Austerity Health Academy

Intimacy Coach – 5 Important Reasons Couples Need One

For most, the idea of an intimacy coach seems like a notion so foreign they may have never given it serious thought. But considering that for a happy, passionate, and loving relationship, one needs intimacy. But as time passes, most people lose intimacy in their relationships over time which can almost feel like a dull pain.

ICF Certification

1 Shocking Reason Why You Don’t Need ICF Certification to Become a Life Coach

The International Coach Federation would have you believe that you must obtain ICF Certification to be respected as a life coach. But those who understand the industry they simply know better.

Bucket list life coach from Broken Moon Media

3 Valuable Reasons You Need a Bucket List Life Coach

If you need help slowing down and doing things you enjoy, you may want the motivational push from a Bucket List Life Coach. Getting caught up each day doing the things “we have to do” we forget to do the things that bring us joy. We too often spend too much time working late into…

close up of dandelion seeds being blown into the wind at sunset with a blurred background

11 Money Making Life Coaching Niches

The world of life coaching niches is as diverse as life itself. As life is a combination of numerous parts and sectors, similar to life coaching is also a collective representation of multiple sub-niches. It can cover almost every sphere of your life and provides coaching in every possible field. This article will focus on some of the popular life coaching niches.

6 powerful benefits of life coaching

6 Powerful Benefits of Life Coaching You Need

Many people still are unaware of the benefits of life coaching, and thus they are confused as to why you need life coaching.

self-esteem coaching from Austerity Health

5 Powerful Techniques for Self-Esteem Coaching

Do I need self-esteem coaching? Am I not good enough? Why have I made so many mistakes? I wish I were like my friend; she nearly got everything. These are the common things we hear on a daily basis. If you are also saying things like this, it’s an indication that you are suffering from low self-esteem.

certified life coach salary austerity health

Certified Life Coach Salary – How Much Do Life Coaches Make?

How much can a certified life coach expect to earn coaching? A certified life coach salary is often based on experience, personality, knowledge, and willingness to charge what they are worth. In a year like 2020, which is full of unexpected and undesirable life changes, people are now on a lookout for life coaching more than ever.

life coaching for men austerity health

3 Quick Reasons You Need Life Coaching for Men to Succeed

Life coaching is a lifesaver for struggling men. Opting for life coaching will open a whole new world of positive discoveries and up your game in an astonishing way. If you want someone positive or realistic to talk to about what is happening in your life or your future goals, get a life coach.

Life Empowerment by Austerity Health

5 Great Ways to Obtain Life Empowerment

There are times when we feel very little life empowerment like when we feel confused, lost, lack, and limited by others. Consequently, we can slowly start to lose faith in ourselves. As a result of which we get easily swayed by others’ opinions and suggestions.

network marketing coaching

2 Revealing Reasons a Network Market Trainer and Coach are Mandatory

The world is turning into a business hub, do you have a network marketing coach in your contacts? In this era of technology and advancement, the demand for business coaching is on the rise more than ever.