3 Painless Things a Sleep Coach Can Teach You

Sleep coach! Yes, you heard it right. I am sure you have met many people around you that stated the problem of troubled sleeping. Life has become so fast and competitive that everyone is trying to do the best.

However, to win this race, they had to compromise on many things. Among this one is the sleep, or you can say a peaceful sleep. Due to all this, anxiety and stress, sleep has become a luxury that many people don’t have.

But it is not an issue anymore. Because you can consult a sleep coach like you consult and executive business coach or a dating coach.

Therefore read till the end to understand what sleep coach is and how it can help you.

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What is a Sleep Coach?

Sleep coaches will train you to get asleep faster. Don’t get confused that they will prescribe you some sleep pills or tell you a lullaby at night to fall you asleep. Instead, they help you to focus on your surroundings and make a bedroom environment relaxing and comfortable.

Because to fall asleep you need a peaceful and relaxing surrounding. Moreover, if you take less than six hours of sleep, you will be prone to diseases like heart disease, etc.  

Therefore these human coaches help you to improve your physical fitness, manage diabetes, and solve other health issues as well.

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woman awake in need of a sleep coach

What Can a Sleep Coach Do For You?

Sleep coach visits your place and takes a look at your sleeping habits. Thus after analyzing you, they give suggestions to avoid habits that make it difficult to fall asleep. And use things that help you to sleep better.

·        Install Blackout Curtains:

In case your room is too bright, it might be the reason why you find it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, when a sleep coach inspects your room, they give you a suggestion to install blackout curtains.

If you are afraid of the dark then you can use dim light, but your room should not be too bright. You can order these curtains from amazon or buy them from the market.

·        Take Hot Shower:

Peace of mind plays a critical role in your sleep. Therefore generally sleep coaches suggest their clients take hot showers before going to bed. Keep in mind that the focus here is on a hot shower, not on cold showers.

By taking hot showers you are cooling down your inner body temperature; thus, it has a calming and relaxing effect.  

·        Avoid Using Phone:

One of the biggest sleeping sin people does is use mobile before going to sleep. Mobile emit radiations that make it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore the sleep coach recommends you stop using the phone at least one hour before bed.

If it is hard for you not to use the phone before bed, then the better idea is to leave your phones outside your bedrooms, therefore, when you don’t have a phone, you won’t use it.

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dark bedroom as prescribed by a sleep coach

Final Words

A lot of people state that they find it hard to sleep. There are numerous reasons behind what might be keeping you up at night. But whatever the reason, it will quickly have a drastic impact on your health.

If you are not a person who has your Doctor’s phone number on speed dial or don’t wish to be prescribed another pill. Consider contacting a sleep coach to help you discover problem areas that you may be overlooking. They can often help with pointers and teach you healthy ways to adopt habits that are beneficial and may even make you fall asleep fast.