Online Gaming: Keep an Eye on Your Health

Online gaming is undoubtedly one sector of the gaming industry which is going through a real boom at the moment. It’s seen record growth of over 21% in the past few years as revenues stretched into tens of billions. For some people, it’s also become so much of a vital part of their lives that they consider it the new social network.

However, spending extended periods gaming also means that people are opening themselves up to potential health problems in their primarily sedentary pastime, which can be brought on if precautions aren’t taken. While many would stereotypically suggest that those partaking in online gaming would be found wearing headphones and locked away in a darkened room, that’s not necessarily the case.

Gaming on Phones is Big Business

There’s been a rise in people playing games on mobiles, with over 2.5 billion enjoying the small screen experience. Other growth areas in gaming have come from people taking on casino-type games. One of the main influences for the latter has come from the closure of casinos during the pandemic, forcing people to take their gaming digital. People discovered that playing online poker, and other games usually found in the casinos, from the comfort of their own homes, still allowed them to go all in and enjoy the experience they’d been denied. Online gaming was even something racing drivers like Kurt Busch took to as an alternative as Covid temporarily shut down their sport. While visually, gaming has brought familiarity, being seated for extended periods has brought on a new focus on health and wellbeing.
To help, here are some handy tips on how you can go all-in on your health while still enjoying gaming.

Getting Enough Sleep

Primarily, people use their evenings to relax and partake in their favorite pastimes. Be it after work or once the kids have gone to bed, things are quieter. This means the phone is less likely to ring, allowing you to enjoy your own space. However, modern games are so engaging and immersive that you get sucked into their world. Then forget about the usual signs that tell you to go to bed. But sleep is crucial for our health in many ways. It’s so essential to our overall wellness as it reinvigorates us for the day ahead. It allows us to make better decisions and raise our game at work and in play.

Comfort is Important

Online Gaming

Neck and back pain can be common occurrences for those who partake in online gaming, and if you don’t listen to your body that can be problematic in the long term. Consider just how long you can spend in one gaming session. You’ll soon realize that finding a chair that allows you to adjust the height, headrest, and armrests is crucial to maintaining a good posture. Taking the extra time to get your position right lessens the chances of your body taking a bad beat. It also means you can concentrate firmly on your game.

Go For a Walk

We spend so much time sitting at desks that it’s easy to just stay there. We focus deeply to get our work done and shuffle to the virtual table. Before you know it, time’s got the better of you, and you’ve not even left the house. When people think of being healthy, exercising forms part of that routine. But it doesn’t mean you have to run 5k. Getting out and going for a walk, taking in some fresh air, getting sun on your head to raise
your vitamin D levels help keep energy levels high and your mind motivated, which is vital for work and play.

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Taking care of yourself is vital if you enjoy online gaming. While you will undoubtedly benefit from relaxing through your game of choice, you must stay mindful of your body. And through these simple little tips, you can work, rest and play effectively.