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Exclusive Opportunity: Earn Your Clinical Hours & Hypnotherapy Certification in One Amazing Program

Why Austerity Health Academy?

Earn both your required clinical supervision hours and a certification in hypnotherapy.

  • Get compensated while you learn. This is a unique opportunity in clinical training.
  • Exclusive program designed specifically for PLMHP's and PLIMHP's seeking licensure and advanced skills.
  • Limited spots for our Summer 2024 cohort. This ensures personalized attention and mentoring.
Personalized mentoring in clinical supervision and hypnosis training.
Hypnosis training while you earn your supervision hours for licensure in therapy.

Your Path to Advanced Credentials

1. Join the Waitlist

  • Add your name to our exclusive waitlist for the Summer 2024 Cohort

2. Receive Your Application

  • We'll send you a comprehensive application to understand your goals and background

3. Secure Your Spot

  • Complete the application process and get selected to join the elite group of mental health professionals in our next cohort
Therapy in one on one sessions
live individual and group hypnosis training
mentorship and supervision


What are the requirements to apply?

  • You must be provisionally licensed in Nebraska at the cohort start date. You must need at least 2200 more supervised hours.

How are the clinical supervision hours structured?

  • The hours are structured to meet the requirements for licensure in Nebraska.

What can I expect from the hypnosis certification program?

  • Complete training, certification, and access to ongoing education in hypnotherapy.

How is this program compensated?

  • By a generous stipend paid if all requirements for each section of activity and productivity are met each pay period. Options for extended employment available for those who qualify.

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